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Customer Service

Customer Service

Customer Service is the section which resolves general pay and auditing inquiries. This team focuses on delivering excellent customer care to any member needing clarification or questions that they have regarding their pay.

Tips for members who may have recently transferred to Yokosuka, Japan: 

Period while Awaiting the Ship's Arrival

a. When a member is in a per diem status at the OCONUS home port awaiting arrival of the ship to which assigned, TLA on the member's behalf is not payable during the waiting period beginning the arrival day at the home port and extending through the day before the actual reporting day aboard the ship as the member is in a TDY status awaiting the ship's arrival and eligible for per diem. NOTE: This is because the ship is the member's PDS for personal travel and until reporting to the ship, the member has not reached the new PDS.

b. Except on the reporting day to the ship (par. U9160-C1), lodging costs for lodging jointly occupied by the member and dependents are apportioned 50% for the member and 50% for dependents (regardless of the number of family members) when a member in a per diem status is receiving TLA for dependents while at the home port.

c. On the actual reporting day aboard the ship, the lodging cost for lodging jointly occupied by the member and dependent is not divided between the member and the dependent; the entire lodging cost (100%) is included as a TLA expense.

d. The number of dependents occupying temporary lodgings in the PDS area, or the home port when the new PDS is a ship, determines the TLA rate payable on behalf of dependents for days when a member is authorized per diem.


General Rules

1. When a member acquires a dependent (marriage, birth, adoption, etc.), a with-dependent housing allowance is authorized based on the:

a. CONUS PDS to which the member is assigned. A member assigned at a CONUS PDS may request through the Secretarial Process, a housing allowance based on the dependent's residence location.

b. Dependent's location if the member is assigned at an OCONUS PDS and the dependent does not reside at or near the OCONUS PDS. If the dependent does reside at or near the OCONUS PDS, the housing allowance is based on the OCONUS PDS.

2. FSH Eligibility. Effective the date the dependent is acquired:

a. If the dependent does reside in the OCONUS PDS vicinity, then an FSH is not authorized and the member is only authorized the with-dependent housing allowance based on the OCONUS PDS.

b. If single-type GOV'T QTRS are not available for a member assigned to an OCONUS PDS, and the dependent does not reside in the PDS vicinity, then FSH is also authorized.

c. If a member assigned to an OCONUS PDS is residing in private sector quarters, and single-type GOV'T QTRS are available at the member's OCONUS PDS, FSH is not authorized.

d. Dependents may visit the member at an OCONUS PDS without changes to allowances. However, when the visit exceeds 90 consecutive days, it is no longer a visit but a change of the dependents' permanent residence. The with-dependent allowance is changed to be based on the PDS location and FSH, if being paid, stops. If dependents subsequently depart the PDS area after with-dependent allowances are changed and FSH stopped, the with-dependent allowance and FSH previously authorized are reinstated as of the dependent's departure date.


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