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PSD Yokosuka - ID Card Section

PSD Yokosuka DEERS/CAC & ID Section is staffed with qualified Verifying Officials (VO’s) available to respond to DEERS, Common Access Card (CAC)/Identification (ID) Card inquiries. The ID Card section provides the following services:

  • Issuance of Common Access Cards (CAC)
  • Family member Identification Cards/DEERS Enrollment
  • Address change for Retirees/DAV/Inactive Reserve Personnel
  • Incapacitated children over age 21
  • Parents/Ward/Parents-in-law, Step-parents and Parents by Adoption
  • Students (over age 21)
  • Un-remarried Former Spouses
  • Monday thru Friday 0800 to 1500
  • Walk- ins
  • Appointments
  • ID Section Directory:
  • DSN: (315) 243-5112 Comm: +81-46-816-5112
    DSN: (315) 243-8453 Comm: +81-46-816-8453

Or you can Email your questions to:


* DD Form 1172 for Dependent ID renewal:  When the Sponsor is unable to accompany dependents, have the Verifying Official (VO) or the Admin Personnel create the DD Form 1172 for Dependents.  The form must be "computer generated" and CANNOT be hand-written, except for signatures. Scan and email it to above address.  Email must be "digitally encrypted" and must be send from the VO or the Admin Personnel only.  OR Dependents may renew their IDs by using Power of Attorney when Sponsor is deployed, however, the ID will only go out until the POA's expiration date. 

Please make sure that the Sponsor has updated their IDs first before sending Dependents for renewal.

Head of the line privileges are as follows:

  • Senior Officers: O-5 and above (Military only)
  • Senior Enlisted: E-9 (Military only)
  • Civil Service employees: GS-14 and above (Workers Only)

Sponsor may check or update your DEERS record by calling 809-469-9976, wait for dial tone, and dial 1-800-538-9552 to speak to a DEERS representative.

*You can renew CAC 90days prior to the expiration date and you can renew Dependent ID 30 days prior to the expiration date.                                

Required Documentations for Dependent College Students age 21 and over:
*Active Duty/Retiree Dependent.
- DD Form 1172 stating that Sponsor is providing more than 50% of financial suppot.
- Original letter from the school administrator stating the students' anticipated graduation date or semester end date.
-Two forms of identification.

If you are interested in extending your Dependent Child's TRICARE benefits up to age of 26, visit

Please make sure to update all your Dependents' SSN/ ITIN in RAPIDS/DEERS.  After 270 days from the initial DEERS enrollment, if SSN/ITIN has not been updated, medical privilege will be suspended.

Japanese documents – We will accept any translated Japanese documents in English as long as it has a Certificate of Translation from NLSO, a command stamp or in letterhead stating that the documents are official from a MLC or service member’s spouse.

Have your documents and identification such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, passport and driver's license notarized to be a true copy in case of lost/stolen/confiscated military ID. 

Appointment information for ID cards Section:

Go to:

"Make Appointment"

Navigate to the bottom of the page and select Japan as the country.

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