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Training Materials for Downloads

Variety of latest training materials are available for download at ESAMS.

Monthly Safety Talks

Recreational Safety 今年の夏は安全にバーベキューをしましょう (Feb 14)
Investigating and Reporting an Accident 事故調査と報告 (Jan 14)
Have a Safe Vacation 安全に長期休暇を過ごしましょう (Dec 13)
First Aid for Minor Wounds 応急手当-軽症編 (Nov 13)
Lifting Basics 安全な荷物運搬の基本 (Oct 13)
Worksite Fire Safety 職場での防火 (Sep 13)
Hazerds of Heat 暑さの危険 (Aug 13)
Working with Electricity 電気の取扱い―覚えておきたい15項目 (Jul 13)
Back Savers  職場での腰痛防止策 (Jun 13)
Report Defective Furniture  欠陥家具の報告 (May 13)
Choosing and Using Hearing Protection  聴力保護具の選定と活用 (Apr 13)
Basic Rules for Hand Tools  手動工具の基本ルール (Mar 13)
Electrical Hazards  電気危険 (Feb 13)
Storing Hazardous Chemicals  有害化学物質の保管について (Jan 13)
Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI)  漏電遮断機 (Dec 12)
First Aid for Minor Burns  軽い火傷の応急処置 (Nov 12)
Preventing Slips and Falls  転倒、転落を防ぐには (Oct 12)
Offices can be dangerous  事務所内での危険箇所 (Sep 12)
Stay Safe Off the Job  安全-勤務外でも (Aug 12)
Heat Illness  熱中症 (Jul 12)
Housekeeping  室内の整理整頓  (Jun 12)
Bicycle Helmet  自転車用ヘルメット (May 12)
First Aid  応急手当 (Apr 12)
Electrical Hazards  電気災害  (Mar 12)
Chemicals  化学物質 (Feb 12)
Drugs  アルコールと薬物 (Jan 12)
Tips for Holiday Electrical Safety  クリスマス等電飾器具の安全 (Dec 11)
Space Heater Safety  室内暖房機の安全な使い方 (Nov 11)
Smoke Alarms  煙感知器は、最善の防衛策 (Oct 11)

Safety Programs

Bloodborne Pathogens (BBP)
Hazardous Material Control & Managemen(HMC&M)
Asbestos Awareness
Hearing Conservation Program
Sight Conservation Program
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Man-Made Vitreous Fibers (MMVF)
Safety Indoctrination
Occupational Reproductive Hazards
Supervisor Safety Training
Fall Protection
Lockout Tagout
Cold Stress

Training Medias

DVDs and/or VHSs are available at the CFAY Safety Department.

Work Zones Safety
Holiday Safety
Ladder Safety
Kitchen Safety
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Back Injury Prevention
Electrical Safety
Office Safety
Heat Stress
Summer Safety
School Bus Safety
Driving in the Dark

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