Lost and Found

Located in the Traffic Court Office at Building J196, next to Navy Lodge, the Lost and Found hours of operation are Monday through Friday 0800-1600, with the exception of Thursdays, 0800-1200.  Items may be turned in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to Security's Lost and Found drop box at MPHQ Building 1971, across from Fleet Theatre.  Items turned in to the drop box may be reclaimed after the start of the next business day from CFAY Traffic Court office at Building J196.  If you have lost an item, you can reach the Lost and Found Office at 243-9052 for inquiries.

Please be aware of the possible danger of an unattended package or baggage. Call the Regional Dispatch Center at 243-5000 to reports anything of this nature.

If you lose an ID, Gate Pass, Vehicle Passes, etc, you will receive a Lost Report CFAY 5532/54 (Rev. 6-13) from the Traffic Court Officer during hours of operation, Main Gate Security office or from the MPHQ building to provide proof of loss.


- Lost Report CFAY 5532/54 (Rev. 6-13)


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