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FFSC Support Services


FFSC operation hours are:
Monday - Friday : 0730-1630

Please call 264-3628/3372.  Also, registration can be made by a phone or in person.

We welcome your feedback, please use the ICE link below if you are either satisfied or dissatisfied with FFSC services. 

NAF Atsugi Welcome Aboard Packet

Counseling and Assistance:

The Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) offers marital, couple, family, and individual counseling services to service members, DOD Civilians, Family Members and SOFA sponsored contractors as well. In addition, FFSC offers Domestic Violence Victim Advocate (DAVA) and New Parent Support (NPS) services. FFSC staff members are professional, licensed, and specifically trained providers.

Please call DSN 264-4188 (or commercial 046-763-4188) for further information or to make an appointment.
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IMPORTANT: The Narita International Airport Shuttle Bus passenger reservations responsibility transferred to the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) effective 5 November 2018. Personnel requiring transportation to/from Narita IAP must sign-up at the FFSC Service Counter located in the lobby of the NAF Atsugi HQ Building (Building 949). To make reservations, please visit or contact the FFSC Service Counter at DSN 315-264-3372, Monday - Friday, 0730-1630 or via Email at: M-AT-NAF-BUSGS@FE.NAVY.MIL.  For all other transportation requirements, please contact the Transportation Branch at DSN 315-264-3563/3900.  For more detailed information, please click here.

Monthly Class Schedule 2019

Welcome to the Land of the Rising Sun. AOB/ICR Class is offered weekly, and is mandatory for all incoming military personnel, DOD Civilians, and adult family members. Base Representatives will talk about the services they are prepared to provide. Area Orientation Brief for Single Sailors and Geo Bachelors will begin at 0730 and for Married Personnel at 0755. In ICR, Japanese instructors will familiarize you with language, customs, culture, use of public transportation, and other important information about Japan.  

Kids/Teen AOB
FFSC has collaborated with CYP and the School Liaison Officer in an effort to help children and teens assimilate to life in NAF Atsugi and Japan. This program has been instrumental in helping both kids and teens assimilate to their new home. FFSC provides information regarding the rules and regulations of the base, as well as fun places for Atsugi youth to explore (Tokyo Disneyland, Fuji Q Amusement Park). The program also gives youth a chance to learn the train system and explore the local area around the base. We couple this program with a transition piece to help youth connect with some that are getting ready to leave Japan. It gives the youth who are transitioning both in and out Japan a chance to connect and share their experiences with one another. The participants share these experiences over pizza and other snacks to help form lasting connections with one another.

Washi Craft Class
FREE craft class provided by a Japanese instructor.  Participants will be taught how to make a wide variety of beautiful and functional items, for their own use, and to give as gifts.

Obi Wall Hanging Class
Obi Wall is extremely beautiful. FREE Class, limited in size, with your only investment being to bring your own obi, glue gun, and glue sticks.

Space A Class
Military planes (and planes contracted by the military) have mission assignments throughout the world and often offer empty seats to eligible passengers.  Policies and procedures for Space-A travelers vary by installation, so make sure you understand the rules for registration at each terminal from which you are trying to fly. You can find contact information for military terminals by attending the Space A workshop.

Sponsorship Class
Class is designed to provide potential sponsors with information on how to perform their duties in an efficient and effective manner. Emphasizing the extreme importance of appropriately facilitating the acclimation of a new addition to a command, and providing them with ideas and methods on how to do that. This class is recommended as a mandatory training for any newly assigned sponsor, and is also available for presentation within the command or unit.

PCS Smooth Move Workshop
PCSing soon? Here is an excellent opportunity to ensure your move is smooth. This workshop provides pre-departure and destination information on relocation and travel entitlements, base and community information, financial concerns, employment opportunities and much more. Let us help make your move as smooth as possible.

Volunteer Orientation
Learn volunteer opportunities to explore different work environments and gain documented work experience. Training opportunities on and off base for future employment in the workforce. Opportunity to be of service to the Navy and support Navy Activities.

Welcome Coffee
Held at Navy Lodge twice a month for Newcomers to NAF Atsugi.  Basic information on what to expect during your first few weeks in Japan.

Transition Assistance Program /Goals Plan Success (TAP/GPS)
The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) provides service members leaving the Navy with knowledge necessary to ensure a smooth transition back in to civilian life.  Primary TAP/GPS topics are Managing Your Transition for pre-retirees, Managing Your Transition for separatees, Job Search Skills education, and Career Options. A VA benefits briefing is presented by VA Representative in the class.

New Parent Support Program (NPS) Playgroup
Structured group with purposeful play for building social skills, developmental skills, and for parents to connect with other parents!  Open to children up to the day before their 4th birthday.

Newborn Care
Learn how to make it through those first couple of months with your newborn baby! Learn how calm a crying baby, how to change a diaper, how to give a bath, and how much sleep do they get, and so much more wonderful information that is indispensable! Both mom and dad are welcome.

Dad’s 101
Dads only!! This class adds onto the Newborn care class (no need to take both). In addition to learning how to take care of your baby the way a dad does, learn how to help mom through her pregnancy, labor, delivery, and after the baby is born. Even if this isn’t your first baby, you can still learn some new things! No mom’s allowed, so you won’t feel embarrassed to ask questions! 

Pregnancy Seminar
This is not a class about pregnancy, although the Branch Health Clinic does cover some basic information. This class incorporates participation from the NAF Atsugi community in providing pregnant family members with information regarding resources available to them during and after their pregnancy. This is the place to ask questions about nutrition during your pregnancy, how to get ahold of your deployed sailor during pregnancy, how to get your baby’s U.S. Citizenship papers and passport if they are born in Japan, and much more information.

Infant Massage
For babies ages 6 weeks-12 months old. Learn a great new way to bond with your baby. Attributed to better bonding between baby and parent, this class can also help with tummy problems like colic, gas and constipation, help with crying and sleep issues, and so many other positive benefits! This is such a great way to reestablish your bond with your baby after deployments!! Mom and dads are welcome and encouraged to attend together. Please bring a blanket and non-scented, edible oil, such as coconut oil/ sunflower oil, etc.

Time Management Class
Ever feel like there is not enough time in your day, like you could use 26 hours vice 24 hours? Well now you have the opportunity to learn how to control the 86,400 seconds that we have in our standard day. The Time Management Class will help you prioritize and put off the things that make your day seem longer. Not only will you learn how to control your valuable time, you will learn ways to control your everyday life.

Effective Communication Class
When you talk do people listen? When people talk do you listen? The Effective Communication class will help the everyday person learn ways to communicate better. Not only will you learn the basics about effective communication you will learn some things about yourself that you might not be aware of. Priority number one is when someone is talking listen, don't try and talk over them. When that happens neither of you heard what the other person was actually saying or what they actually meant.

Anger Management Class
Are you mad? Do you feel like the San Andreas Fault, like you could erupt and explode at any time? Well you're not alone, this is common if people with stressful jobs. The good news is that there are various ways to control this. The Anger Management class will help you find ways to control yourself and too release your tension in other ways. Being anger is normal, its how some people act when they are anger that is not normal. Which one are you?

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Victim Advocate 40 Hour Initial Training:
Teaches new VA’s how to provide preliminary assessment, crisis intervention, emotional support, safety planning, information and referral, autonomous decision making and accompaniment to medical and legal appointments and court hearings.

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR)
Victim Advocate (VA) Refresher Training
All SAPR Victim Advocates are required to complete 32 hours of annual refresher training every 2 years to remain eligible to apply for recertification for their DoD Sexual Assault Advocate Certification Program (D-SAACP).  This training is compliant with that requirement.

We have many other classes, pertaining to job search skills, Ombudsman Basic Training, a multitude of financial classes - to include CFS Training, Spouse Orientation, Stress Management, and the list goes on.

Stop by the FFSC for a more complete listing of training and personal counseling services we are prepared to provide to you and to your command. 

For more details or to register for classes/workshops questions, please e-mail or call at 264-3628/3372.

Classes /workshops are subject to change with little notice prior if minimum registration of 3 people is not met.  Schedule can be checked at FFSC Facebook.

For more details or to register for classes/workshops questions, please  e-mail or call at 264-3628/3372.

Atsugi Fleet & Family Support Center is on Facebook.


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