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Fleet and Family Readiness
HSM 51 Change of Command Ceremony
Exceptional Care for Exceptional Family Members
Hidden Challenges at Camp Fuji
Change of Command Ceremony at HSM-77
Built to Scare: Seabees' Mess Hosts Haunted House
Road Tax Collection 2019
Cherry Blossom Viewing
Month of the Military Child Parade 2019
Captain Lloyd B. Mack Interview
Spring Fest 2019
A cake cutting ceremony in NAF Atsugi
An Interview with NAFA's New Command Master Chief, Command Master Chief, Daniel J. Irwin
Your New Financial Manager
AIMD Atsugi Sailor Awarded CPPA of the Year
NAF Atsugi holds WWI armistice centennial ceremony
Made fit to lead: Atsugi Certifies New Command Fitness Leaders
Change of Command Ceremony at HSM-77
Waste Water Treatment Plant Tour
Military Working Dog Training
Laying the Keel: Atsugi Kicks off Sailor 360
NAF Atsugi holds National American Indian Heritage Month ceremony
Terao Elementary School Visit
Friendship Through Sports
7th Fleet Band at Ayase International Festival
NAF Atsugi K9 Teams Conduct Joint Training
NAF Atsugi participates in JMSDF Mochi-Tsuki event
More Than Just Family Photos
An Interview with NAFA's New Executive Officer, Commander David A. Orlosky
In front of the grave of Captain Thomas: The strong bond between JMSDF and USN
NAF Atsugi holds 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb
VCNO & MCPON Visit NAF Atsugi
Women’s History Month
8th Annual Tomodachi Bowl
Retreat from stress: Mini-vacations through CREDO
In fron of the grave of Captain Thomas: The strong bond between JMSDF and USN
Change of Command held at Commander Task Force 72 / Commander Fleet Air Western Pacific

Emergency Management

Ready Navy
Red Cross

Do you know how NAF Atsugi sets the different TCCOR conditions? In this installment of Department Spotlight, NAF Atsugi Executive Officer Cmdr. David Orlosky and Command Master Chief Daniel J. Irwin discuss TCCOR conditions, most prepared family and more with NAFA Emergency Management Officer Greg Wise!

Stay tuned to Channel 28, Eagle 810 AM radio and NAF Atsugi Facebook page for updates.

AtHoc Emergency Notification System:

AtHoc is the system used by NAF Atsugi to provide emergency notifications to all Navy and related personnel in NAF Atsugi and Tenant Commands during emergencies. This system has the capability of sending alerts out to mobile and home telephones, via e-mail, and via text messaging. This system will be utilized to alert as many personnel as possible for notification, safety, security, and any required follow-on actions or requirements. (A CAC card is required to register)

For questions or further assistance please, contact N7, NAF Atsugi at DSN 264-4269.

This site provides you and your noncombatant family members with essential information should you be required to evacuate from Japan and relocate to the United States or a designated Safe Haven. These NONCOMBATANT EVACUATION OPERATIONS, often referred to by the acronym NEO, require advance planning and preparation on the part of all evacuees. Your unit NEO coordinator will be your point of contact in times of crisis or emergency. He will assist you in filling out NEO forms as well as provide training to prepare you for an evacuation. 

An evacuation could be directed for many reasons. Among these reasons are:

  • Increasing military tensions
  • Natural Disaster (earthquake, typhoon (same for hurricanes)
  • Orderly withdrawal of forces/personnel from overseas locations

In times of crisis or danger, the U. S. Department of State will decide when to evacuate noncombatants. In the event of an evacuation order, installation commanders and individual unit Commanding Officers and OICs are responsible for ensuring that sponsors have prepared their family members to be evacuated/relocated in an efficient and orderly manner.


All available means of communication will be used to notify you of an impending evacuation. This can include command recalls, public announcements, AFN radio /TV (Eagle 810/Base Information Channel) and Ombudsman phone trees. 

Contact Us
Emergency Management
PSC 477 Box 9
FPO AP 96306-1209
DSN 264-4181

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