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Ensure all medical and dental issues and concerns are addressed during your overseas screening; to include but not limited to: an ample supply of special prescription medicines and extra sets of glasses or contact lenses. This is important as resources are limited on the island and unique medical items may not be available.

The Ship's Store has a very limited supply, so purchase any additional uniform items you may require, such as rating badges (for anyone who expects to advance) or ribbons. Uniform items can also be ordered from the Navy Exchange in Japan or the Uniform Support Center.

Be positive all legal issues are in order, such as powers-of-attorney and guardianship of dependants/minors. Also ensure your most current will is valid and accessible. However, if you require other legal assistance once on station, we have a command JAG available for all legal issues.

Your ID card must be current as it is required to board military aircraft. Make certain all financial affairs are in order, to include but not limited to: online bill payments, ATM cards and any special powers-of-attorney specifically dealing with finances. Assure relatives know to provide your social security number, rank, rate and command name to their local Red Cross to contact you in cases of emergency.

There are many different Navy commands on the island. Stay in contact with your sponsor and notify them of your estimated arrival date and time, and other travel arrangements.


Our Address

Confirm with your sponsor as to which post office box will be yours, otherwise, the official command address is:

U.S. Navy Support Facility, Diego Garcia
PSC 466 Box 2
FPO AP 96595

Attire on the Island

The Navy Working Uniform is the Uniform of the Day, however, you should still bring a full seabag to accommodate ceremonies and events which may require seasonal dress uniforms or the Service Working Uniforms.

NOTE: Seabees and Security wear woodland Cammies. Shorts and t-shirts are popular attire for the island, however, conservative attire is mandatory for visiting local eating establishments. And no exposed footwear is allowed in the galley, ship's store or eating establishments.


Private phone lines and internet is available by the only local company on the island, Sure. Visit their Web site for rates and available services:

Personal Items

Computer, board games, reading materials, magazine subscriptions, portable tape/cd player, CD's, videos, DVD's, preferred brands of hygiene goods, sheets, pillowcases, comforters, blankets (it does get cold in the rooms due to central air conditioning system), pillows, alarm clock, some dishes/glasses/silverware, iron and stereo.

Prohibited Items

The following items are prohibited for import and export in the British Indian Ocean Territory, failure to declare any of these items may render you liable to prosecution.

Any goods or material of any description containing or consisting of any species of living plant, animal or insect not indigenous to the Territory. All plant life, seeds or soil products are to be declared.

  1. All drugs and controlled substances, including equipment used for, or to enable the weighing, processing or the administering of drugs. This also includes any drug related or drug promoting items.
  2. All knives and offensive weapons including catapults, spear guns and diving knives. Any knife that has a fixed blade, or a blade over 3” will be confiscated. Merchant seamen are to declare work knives.
  3. Firearms, including any gun, air-gun or other lethal barreled weapon of any description from which any shot, bullet or other missile can he discharged or which can be adapted for the discharge of any such shot, bullet or other missile, except a toy gun.
  4. All types of explosives, including fireworks, empty shells and cartridge casings.
  5. All video cassettes, DVDs and other electronic media may be confiscated for viewing. Any found to contain pornography or obscene material will be destroyed.
  6. Pornographic magazines are to be declared, magazines that are outside the standards set in British Law, will be destroyed. 
  7. Tobacco allowance of not more than 200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco for the personal use and is contained in the baggage accompanying a person arriving in the Territory.

All food is to be declared. Any food not commercially packed will be confiscated for destruction.

All medications, including vitamins must be declared. Any that are out of date, mixed or unidentifiable will be confiscated.

Fishing and crab nets are prohibited.

All types of electrically powered or electrically assisted cycles are prohibited.

Obscene writings, printed matter, drawings, film, photograph or pictures, or any other obscene material or objects.

Any indecent photograph, film or pseudo-photograph or film of a child under the age of 16 years.

“Film” shall include video recording or other electronic means of recording images, and “photograph” shall include the negative as well as the positive version and data stored on a computer disc or by other electronic means which is capable of conversion into a photograph.

The exportation from Territory of the following goods is prohibited, except with the prior written permission of the Commissioner’s Representative:

  • Wild animals, whether alive or dead
  • Seashells whether alive or dead           
  • Coral, whether alive or dead
  • Wild birds' nests, birds' eggs or turtles' eggs
  • Flora, coral or seashells specified under the Wild Life Protection Regulations, 1984

In this section any reference to a seashell, coral, nest or eggs includes a reference to a part thereof.


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