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Pay and Allowance

Service members are not entitled to COLA or BAH while stationed on Diego Garcia. Pay is not tax free, even if you pass through a tax-free zone en route to the island. However, personnel sent into a tax-free zone on TAD orders will be awarded tax-free pay. All person­nel will receive commuted rations or a meal pass. Although this is type 3 duty, sea pay is not authorized for this location. Married personnel, or those with dependants will still receive their regular entitlements. Everyone receives $150 a month for Hardship Duty Pay - it is listed as "HDP Location" on the LES. Those who qualify for Family Separation Allowance will receive their entitlement, which is currently $250.00 per month.

Temporary lodging allowance (TLA) is a permanent change of station (PCS) allowance payable incident to a member's initially reporting to an overseas PDS, detaching from an overseas PDS, or requiring temporary lodging under certain other circumstances.

The TLA is authorized to partially reimburse a service member for more than normal expenses incident to the use of
temporary lodgings outside CONUS. TLA cannot be paid at the same time as OHA or COLA except under conditions specified in JFTR, volume 1, U9100-C4.

TLA is not payable for a member or on behalf of a dependent acquired after the effective date of PCS orders during the time the member and his or her dependent(s) are initially seeking a residence. The period of entitlement to TLA on departure will not normally exceed the last 10 days preceding the day of departure. Exceptions to the 10-day rule are listed in the JFTR, volume 1, U9204-A. The overseas commander must determine that a service member meets one of the listed exceptions for TLA to be approved for a longer
period. Shorter periods may be prescribed as long as procedures enable an additional TLA payment if conditions warrant.

TLA is payable after the service member has vacated quarters. Vacate means "when the personal property of the occupant has been either moved or prepared to be moved so that normal use of the quarters is prevented. As a result, dependents cannot occupy quarters. The mere vacating of quarters does not result in reinstatement of basic allowance for quarters (BAQ)." Refer to the JFTR,volume 1, chapter 9, parts B and C, and the MILPERSMAN, Article 2640330,for additional information concerning overseas TLA.

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