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Relocation Assistance

Things to do before you PCS to Diego Garcia

  • Take care of all possible medical and dental problems that may not have been taken care of during your overseas screening. You will probably want an extra pair of glasses or contact lenses. You also want to have an ample supply of any necessary prescription medicines on hand.
  • Purchase any uniform items you may need. The Ship's StoreĀ  has a very few uniform items andĀ stock and quantity of items is limited. You may order uniform items from the Navy Exchange in Yokosuka or from the Uniform Support Center.
  • Change your current mailing address on all bills, catalog, magazines, etc. Sometimes mail is slow in leaving and arriving on island. Take this into account for any bills that may have specific due dates.
  • Ensure all of your financial affairs are in order.
  • Set-up temporary guardianship for minor dependents if necessary. Provide necessary powers-of-attorney for items such as real estate, automobile, taxes, litigation, etc., that may arise while you are on island.
  • Ensure you have a current and valid will. Register to vote and request an Absentee Ballot for any elections you will miss.
  • Ensure your relatives know how to contact their local Red Cross in case of emergency. Provide them with your Social Security Number, rank, rate and the name of your command.
  • If you have dependants, bring a copy of your current rental agreement or lease to submit to PSD upon your arrival or your BAH may stop.
  • Obtain a passport if you plan on travelling to foreign countries on leave. You may apply for a passport once you arrive, but it will take approximately 4-6 weeks to receive it through the mail.
  • Remember - keep your sponsor informed of any changes or problems you encounter.
  • Keep in contact with your sponsor. Let him/her know your travel arrangements, arrival times and any other information he/she may need in assisting you for the move.
  • Be sure to have a current ID card. You will not be allowed to board any military aircraft with an expired ID.
  • LTC NEWS: Due to the isolated nature of Diego Garcia and limited OPTAR resources available to send personnel TAD, you need to ensure that you attend the appropriate LTC class for your paygrade prior to transferring to Diego Garcia. BUPERS Instruction 1430.16 (ADVANCEMENT MANUAL) "all personnel from E-4 to E-7 that are eligible for advancement MUST attend LTC before taking the Navy Wide Advancement exam." To ensure the best possible opportunity for continued advancement in the Navy, get the required LTC class before reporting.

Travel Notes

No clothing, hats or belt buckles with slogans or insignia that may draw attention to your status as an American citizen/military member may be worn. Profanity, maliciousness, drugs/ alcohol glamorization or any other negative insignia that may bring discredit to yourself or the United States are prohibited and may be punished as the UCMJ allows.

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