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Government Air Travel To Singapore

If you are flying via Air Mobility Command (AMC), you will arrive at Paya Lebar Royal Singapore Air Force Base. Customs will check for passports. Personnel under orders (PCS/TDY) only need orders and military identification card. If your flight to Diego Garcia is leaving the same day, the delay is normally 4 hrs or less. If your AMC flight has a maintenance delay or is cancelled the AMC representatives will make arrangements for you to stay at the Gateway Inn (Govt Billeting).

Commercial Air Travel To Singapore

If you are flying commercial, you will arrive at Changi International Airport. Customs will check for passports however, personnel under orders (PCS/TDY) only need orders and military identification card. Upon arrival in at Singapore’s Changi Airport, you can coordinate your lodging (if necessary) and shuttle service with SATO Representative. He will most likely be standing somewhere outside of the customs area. However, if he is not you can call him at 9430-2886. The shuttle van to Paya Lebar (if you are flying to Diego Garcia the same day) or Gateway Inn costs $24.00 which the SATO Representative will ask you for at the completion of your trip. The costs are pro-rated to the number of passengers. If there are 4 passengers, each passenger will only pay $6.00 – payable to the driver. He will issue you a receipt (keep it) and you can claim this when you file your travel claim.

If you are staying in Singapore overnight please direct the SATO Representative to drop you at your hotel or at the Navy Gateway Inn (formerly Sling Inn), located at nr 213 Lagos Circle, Sembawang off Canada Road/Bermuda Road (Tel nr 6752-8245). This government lodging is “free of charge”.

Note: If you need further assistance about your flight arrangement and commercial lodging, Gateway Inn or Transportation please call SATO Singapore at 6220-5966 or through SATO Representative cell phone number 9430-2886 or 9738-2378.


Designation of Orchard Towers, 400 Orchard Road, Singapore 238875, as an OFF LIMITS AREA for all Navy and Marine Corps personnel.

Singapore Travel Information

Singapore is one of the safest countries in the world and you are amongst some of the nicest cosmopolitan people you will ever meet. The information provided below is to assist you during your stay while you await transportation to Diego Garcia. Upon arrival at Changi Airport you are approximately 30 minutes from the downtown area of Singapore by taxi, where there are numerous hotel accommodations. Also, you are 30 minutes from the Sembawang community where U.S. Forces operate.

Remember, there is NO military "base" but rather a military "place" in Singapore. In Sembawang, you will find PSD/CSD, a Navy Exchange Store, Billeting, military operated clubs as well as other DoD commands. Also located here is the Sembawang Wharves, where most U.S. vessels make port calls to Singapore. It is very easy to locate.

If you need to go to the Sembawang area, you should inform the taxi driver that you want to go to Sembawang Road, most conveniently accessed by taking the PTE expressway. CTE or SLE will also get you there, as they are all interconnected through Yishun Avenue 2.
The Navy Gateway Inn and Suites, formerly known as the Sling Inn, is the BOQ/BEQ facility located on Bermuda Road off Canberra Road or Admiralty Road East/ Ottawa Road. The rates are affordable costing $40.00 per night. They are also free for personnel traveling on orders or awaiting transport to Diego Garcia. The facility is open 24 hours and it is Space "A" for personnel not on orders. Personnel not able to make their AMC flight to Diego Garcia should visit the Navy Gateway Inn and Suites for billeting. Ensure you have your orders or leave papers stamped indicating there was insufficient room on the flight.

Singapore is a high cost area. Some personnel may need additional funds for accommodations, etc. You may use any ATM located within the airport. Most ATM machines accept NFCU or other international ATM cards. Personnel on PCS orders to Diego Garcia or on leave awaiting transportation to Diego Garcia may contact the Customer Service Desk located at PSA Sembawang Terminal Building 7-4, to receive Partial Pay/Casual Pay (paid up-to-date).
In addition, personnel traveling to Diego Garcia must report to the Paya Lebar Airfield (PLA). You must inform the taxi driver to take you to AMC (Air Movement Center), recently changed to Navy operated Air Terminal at Paya Lebar Airport along Airport Road, which is a junction off Hougang Ave 3 or Eunos Road. The Navy Operated Air Terminal is located within the AMC. It is located off Lin Road along Airport Road and is open from 0730-1630.

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