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Counseling and Assistance

Family Advocacy Program

The Family Advocacy Program, or FAP, provides clinical asessment, treatment and services for military members and their families involved in allegations of domestic and/or child abuse.  The goals of victim safety and well-being and offender accountability form the basis of the cilincal provider's work in responding to allegations of domestic abuse and child abuse.

While Singapore Area Coordinator does not have a resident counseling staff in-house, the Family Services Office works closely with counselors at other bass an in civilian practice in Singapore.  For more information, call the Family Services Office at (65) 6750-2314.

Personal Counseling

Currently, the Family Services Office does not have a resident counseling staff in-house to provide personal counseling.  Any enquiries for assistance by active duty military personnel and their families will normally be referred to the Medial Aid Station (MAS) at (65) 6257-4233, of the Chaplain's Office at (65) 9671-1233.  For civilians, requests for assistance are referred to the conseling services available in the local economy.

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) 

24-hours a day, 365 days a year, the Safe Helpline is available to help victims of Sexual Assault. 
Contact Info  (outside the US):
(Phone) 001-202-470-5546
(Text)   001-220-470-5546

Local Resources are also available:
24-hour Victim Advocate Line: +65 9139-7015
Services include:
     -  An immediate response to sexual assault victims;
     -  Explanation of reporting options;
     -  Help victims with feelings and barriers by providing information and resources through the military and  
     -  Accompanying victims through medical, investigative and legal processes

Restricted Reporting allows active-duty victims of a sexual assault to receive medical care, other treatment, information and counseling without notifying command or law enforcement personnel.  Victims can only elect this option if they (1) report the sexual assault to a Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC), a victim advocate, healthcare personnel, or a Chaplain, and (2) notify that individual that they have elected to keep the report restricted.

Unrestricted Reporting enables active-duty victims of a sexual assault to receive medical care, other treatment, information, and counseling, but includes law enforcement investigation and notification of Command.


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