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Things To Do

Singapore is a thorougly modern city, with all of the amenities, attractions, dining and entertainment offerings you'd expect to find in any major international city.  The Singapore Zoo is among the finest in the world, and there are an abundance of theme parks, museums, theatres, clubs, resorts and shopping districts to satisfy anyyone's taste and budget.

The links at left show just a handful of the options available.  It's recommended you use a commercial search engine to find additional "Things To Do" in Singapore. 

Fleet Support

The Fleet Readiness Division boards every vessel visiting Singapore and provides them with information on local leisure activities. They provide assistance in organizing golf tournaments, sporting events (if requested), tours, and transportation and liaise with the local Tour Provider. They also resolve any conflicts that may develop between the vessel and local ITT provider.

The Fleet Readiness Division also provides similar assistance to ships visiting ports throughout Southeast Asia.

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