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Leadership and Employee Development

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Professional Development

Third Party “No Cost” Education

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OCHR Fact Sheet IDPs

1. What is an IDP?

It’s a written plan/schedule for:
Developing specific competencies

  • Planning developmental experiences

Should contain:

  • Info about the specific competencies to be developed
  • The method of development to be used [e.g. training (attend a course/seminar, e-learning, on-the-job, etc.), work assignments, volunteer work, etc.]
  • Timeframes for completion of developmental activity
  • Long- and short-range plans/career goals

2. what is an IDP for?

An IDP can help you:

  • Stay focus on goals and celebrate success
  • Maintain self-awareness
  • Facilitate communication (w/supervisor)

3. How do you create/maintain an IDP?


  1. Determine your career goals or the next 1-2 yrs as well as 3-5 yrs
  2. Conduct a self-analysis of competency gaps and access your needs
  3. Prepare your IDP and discuss it with your supervisor
  4. Take action and monitor your progress
  5. Regularly review your IDP and revise as necessary

4. You should remember…:

  • IDP is not a binding contract.
  • IDP is created based on a joint effort between employee and supervisor.
  • IDP should be aligned with organizational objectives.
  • IDP should be realistic.



Community Management Plans 


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