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Frequently Asked Question

Last updated: 26 Oct 16

Q: Where can I find a list of the current Department of Navy Mandatory courses?
A: The current list of DON Mandated courses can be found here:

Q: Where can I find a list of the current Training Policies?
A: The current list of training policies and regulations for the DON can be found here:

Q: What is the dress code?
A: Military members are not required to wear uniform but business casual attire is required from all attendees.

Q: Who pays for the class?
A: Your command typically pays however, personal payment may be authorized. Please contact Workforce Development, CNRJ if you would like to pay for a course out of your own pocket.

Q: Can I pay by my personal credit card?
A: It depends. Workforce Development, CNRJ negotiates with vendors to see if they will accept payment by personal credit cards. Decisions will be made on a case by case basis. See flyer or Workforce Development, CNRJ for more details. Payment by personal credit card will not be a general rule but an exception.

Q: How do I pay for the class?
A: It depends on the class.  For Japanese vendor courses, the payment method is Line of Accounting. For United States vendor courses, payment is made by Government Purchase Card or personal credit card.

Q: I 'm a cardholder. When should I contact the vendor?
A: Workforce Development, CNRJ will send the Command Training Point of Contact the course confirmation email after nomination deadline. The Command Training POC is responsible for notifying the command's card holder.  After receiving the confirmation, , the Vendor will contact you for payment.

NOTE: Please refer to your command's policy on communication of card information; most commands do not allow you to email or fax card information. 

For the process of payment by personal credit card, please contact Workforce Development, CNRJ directly.

Q: I'm a dependent.  Can I attend the class?
A: Majority of our courses are open for government employees only (military, civilian, Foreign National). Please see course flyer for more details.

Q: How do I register for a class?
A: After supervisory approval, contact Workforce Development, CNRJ at 243-7079 to make a reservation OR coordinate your reservation with your command training office directly. THEN, complete a Standard Form 182 and coordinate it with your supervisor and submit your approved request through your command training office. Your command training office will submit completed SF-182 forms to Workforce Development, CNRJ.

A completed SF-182 form must be received by the class nomination deadline or your seat will be cancelled and offered to someone on the waiting list.

Q: What if I do not have a command training office?
A: Contact Workforce Development, CNRJ directly at 243-7328 or

Q: What is a completed SF-182 form?
A: A completed SF-182 form includes all signatures (first line supervisor, Budget Officer, and Command Training Officer), training information, payment method type ("pay by government credit card" or "pay by LOA"), and direct and indirect costs listed. A sample SF-182 with directions can be found here

**Do not list PII information (DOB, SSN, Credit card number, home address etc.)

Q: Where can I find a SF-182 form?
A: A blank SF-182 form can be found here.

Q: I'm not sure about training type codes for Section B on SF182
A: Please refer to the Nomination Procedures tab for the link to the training type codes.

Q: Where is Workforce Developmrnt, CNRJ located?
A: We are located on Yokosuka Naval Base in Building A20 on the second floor. Building A20 is across from the Ship Repair Facility Headquarters. There is no dedicated parking so we recommend that visitors park in the 12 hour parking lot on base.

Q: What is covered in the "Briefing on Military Spouse and Family Member Employment Programs"?
A: The briefing covers what the Military Spouse Employment Program is, what the Family Member Employment Program is, who is eligible to utilize the programs, associated regulations, how to apply, common types of appointments within the Federal service, relocation, and helpful websites.

Q: Am I placed in a job during the "Briefing on Military Spouse and Family Member Employment Programs"?
A: No.  It is a 1.5-hour informational briefing. Its purpose is to provide general information on the programs and associated information; however, you will learn how to apply and where to go to get specific vacancy announcements during the briefing.

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