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The Rental Partnership Program (RPP) is an agreement between the Housing Service Center (HSC) and community housing landlords and is designed to provide service members with suitable and affordable off-base housing and aid in defraying some of the costs incurred by relocation.  Housing units which are offered in the RPP are evaluated, inspected and qualified to meet the highest standards by the Navy HSC.  The RPP is available to both families and unaccompanied service members.


Tenant Eligibility and Requirements

Generally, all full-time active duty service members married or single and who are drawing BAH are eligible to participate in RPP. 

  • Service member is required to have a minimum of six months to one-year left on End of Active Obligated Service (EAOS) and Projected Rotation Date (PRD) (depending upon normal lease period for area).
  • If single, service members E-4 and below with less than four years of active duty service must have approval from their current command to live off base (BAH approval from the HSC is also required).

To get started with finding properties in the RPP, the service member should come to their local HSC with their orders, Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) and a copy of their page 2 to be properly counseled on their eligibility and requirements.


Benefits to the Tenant

The program offers service members special rental benefits.  The RPP varies at each installation, however typical benefits may include:

Homes are inspected by HSC and pre-approved as suitable, safe and affordable for military members.

  • Discount on rental rates
  • Waiver of or reduced security and utility  deposit costs.
  • No or reduced application fee or credit check fee.
  • Rent payments via allotment.
  • No income requirements (as long as service member is receiving BAH in accordance with his or her current rank).
  • Lease cannot be denied to a service members due to a negative credit check (only a poor reference from a previous landlord).


Landlord Eligibility and Requirements

Homeowners, landlords, and property managers are encouraged to learn more about enrolling in the RPP by discussing it with their local Navy HSC.  Flexibility if offered to the landlord, but the following rules must be met in order to participate:

  • Landlord has a clean record with HSC.
  • The property meets codes and CNIC listings inspection requirements.
  • Willing to offer a discount in rent (this varies by location, however usually a 5-15% off the advertised rate).
  • Willing to sign a memorandum of agreement (MOA) to the RPP terms.
  • Understands that the RPP does not and cannot guarantee occupancy.


Benefits to the Landloard/Property Manager

The goal of the RPP is to have both the tenant AND landlord benefit, making this a mutually beneficial arrangement.  The RPP varies at each installation, however typical benefits may include:

  • Expanded marketing of the property by the HSC.
  • Applicants' must have permanent orders for the minimum negotiated lease period at the arriving duty station.
  • Rent must be paid by allotment.
  • Eligibility for housing verified through HSC.

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