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Transition GPS Gives You the Edge in Transition

Contemplating returning to the civilian work force? Don't let benefits or entitlements escape you. Contact your Command Career Counselor to schedule your attendance in a Transition GPS class. FFSC registration form, TGPS Workshops Schedule above.

Transition Goals, Plans, Success – or Transition GPS is designed to strengthen, standardize and expand counseling and guidance for Active and Reserve service members separating from the military after serving 180 or more days of active duty. As part of the Veterans Opportunity to Work (VOW) to Hire Heroes Act, Transition GPS took effect November 19, 2012 and was fully implemented in 2013. For class materials go to the Transition GPS Resources page. 

Transition GPS has four key components that significantly improve your transition support:

1.    Mandatory Pre-Separation Assessment and Individual Counseling. To initiate this process log on to, Then attend our one-day Pre-separation Seminar  to receive lots of valuable information for your transition and complete the required counseling (See the TGPS Schedules: 2020 for a list of class dates).

2.    The 5-day Transition GPS Core Curriculum provides the following:
        a.    Individual Transition Plan (ITP) preparation
        b.    Military to Civilian job skills crosswalk (MOC crosswalk)
        c.    Veterans Affairs (VA) Benefits briefing
        d.    Financial Planning support
        e.    Department of Labor Employment Workshop (to build your Job Search skills)

Spouses are highly encouraged to attend the classes as well.

Service members who are unable to attend the Transition GPS may be able to take advantage of the Online training to complete the Career Readiness Standards. Follow the link below to log in to the site. Once in the site, search for the courses by key word "TGPS".

The Transition Goals, Plans, Success Virtual Curriculum is available on the Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) portal. To access the curriculum and instructions visit

** After Attending the Class we would like to hear your feedback CLICK HERE

3.    Additional 2-day Career-Specific Curriculum (Education, Technical or Entrepreneurship) provides information tailored for your specific goals. To register use the FFSC registration form.

• Boots to Business Entrepreneurial workshop
• Accessing Higher Education
• Career Technical Training
4.   The CAPSTONE event, presented by the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC), Required to be completed no later than 90 days prior to separation in order to verify that you have met your Career Readiness Standards and received the transition services that you requested. (See the TGPS Schedule:  2018  for a list of dates)

If you will be retiring from the military you may attend a Transition GPS class as early as two years before your retirement date. If you are separating you may attend a class as early as 12 months before your separation date. We recommend starting early so you can make a transition plan and have time to implement that plan over the months leading to your transition date. To get started implement these steps to ensure a smooth transition from serving in the military back to gainful employment in the civilian community.

1. Log on to to initiate the preseparation questionnaire (Click here for instructions)
2. Contact your Command Career Counselor to:
o Receive a Pre-Separation Briefing or to sign up for our Preseparation Seminar
o Start your Individual Transition Plan
o Obtain a quota and attend a Transition GPS class
3. To obtain a quota for any of the Transition GPS classes, have your Command Career Counselor submit a FFSC Registration Form as soon as you know you may be transitioning from the military. Submit the form to the FFSC following the directions on the form.
Please include your personal e-mail address on the registration form.
If you have registration questions, please contact: DSN 792-3603; Comm. (847) 688-3603, extension 100

Preparing to attend a Transition GPS class be sure to obtain and bring to the class go to the TGPS Resources page for materials

1. Complete your preseparation briefing and sign the e-form DD2648 at  (see your CCC)
2. Individual Transition Plan (ITP)
3. Copy of your Verification of Military Experience and Training (VMET)
4. Most recent LES
5. Copy of your credit report
6. Copy of your Career Interest Inventory Assessment from O*Net “Interest Profiler”
7. Copy of all of your medical records (to assist you in filing for Service Connection with the DVA)
Click here for DIRECTIONS to Great Lakes and the CLASS LOCATION
For more information you can contact the FFSC at 847-688-3603 ext.100.

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