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Does NAVSTA Newport have tobacco policy/instruction stating the distance from building entries/egresses which smokers must maintain?
As per the SECNAVINST 5100.13C page 5. The distance from building entry ways/egresses which smokers must
maintain is to be determined by the CO.
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Case in point, The NAVALOG said that the fire dept. was called to a fire behind the Rec Center which turned out to be smoldering cigarette butts.
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In light of the 18 November 2016 DOD DIRECTIVE 5210.56 ARMING AND THE USE OF FORCE, will NAVSTA 5530.7B be amended? I currently live in MA., but my Gun club is in RI. I would like to store firearms in my vehicle in a locked container during the day so that I can visit my Gun Club's range on the way home to shoot in the summer. It is not feasible to go home, then try to get back over the Fall River Bridge to get to my Club during rush hours.
The DOD Directive says that:
PAGE 21: d. Status, Storage, and Transport Requirements on DoD Property. While a firearm is not in the physical possession of the owner, the firearm will be unloaded or stored in a secure gun storage device. When stored in an unattended vehicle, it will be stored in a secure gun storage device and concealed from public view.
I'd like to know if that's possible here in Newport to do that.
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