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Pollution Prevention


Pollution prevention (P2) involves using methods and programs designed to reduce or eliminate pollution at the source instead of trying to control or eliminate it after it exists. P2 includes such things as the conservation of water, energy and natural resources; reducing the use of hazardous materials; reducing or eliminating air pollutants at the source; and increasing the amount and number of commodities that are recycled.

The Pollution Prevention Act (PPA) of 1990 established an environmental management hierarchy which mandates the sequence to follow when reducing pollution. The hierarchy calls for the following:

  • Pollution is to be prevented or reduced at the source whenever possible.
  • Pollution that cannot be prevented is to be recycled in an environmentally safe manner whenever feasible.
  • Pollution that cannot be prevented or recycled is to be treated in an environmentally safe manner whenever feasible.
  • Disposal or other release into the environment is to be employed only as a last resort and conducted in an environmentally safe manner.


Executive orders 13101 and 13148 set goals to ensure Navy shore facilities promote the use of P2 initiatives to achieve and maintain environmental compliance within the facility. These goals include:

EO 13101 GOALS EO 13148 GOALS
Incorporate waste prevention and recycling in daily operations. Develop Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
Increase the purchase and use of environmentally preferable products. Use P2 to achieve and maintain environmental compliance.
Integrate P2 and affirmative procurement into acquisition programs. Continue to reduce the release of toxic chemicals.
Achieve a 40% solid waste diversion rate by 2005 from a 1995 baseline. Continue to reduce the use of ozone depleting chemicals.
Use environmentally and economically beneficial landscaping to reduce adverse effects on the natural environment.


The Pollution Prevention (P2) plan contains roles and responsibilities for all employees of Naval Station Newport and tenant commands. A copy of the plan can be downloaded Pollution Prevention Plan.


  • Recycle anything that you can, everyone's help is necessary to meet the measure of merit (MoM) and goals set for solid and hazardous waste reduction and increase in recycling
  • Conserve natural resources such as water and virgin materials
  • Know who your P2 coordinator is
  • Ensure each new project incorporates P2 opportunities


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