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How to Respond


Any individual causing or discovering a spill, or a situation that may lead to a spill of oil, hazardous substances, or hazardous wastes shall immediately take the following action. The order of these actions will depend on existing conditions.

  • Provide information and assistance as instructed.
  • Evacuate area to a safe distance upwind and upgrade from the spill.
  • Pass the word to adjacent spaces.
  • Inform your supervisor or the nearest supervisor of nearest facility.
  • Report spill immediately to: NAVSTA fire department phone: 841-3333 (24 hrs)
  • Whenever possible, give the following information if known or can reasonably be determined. Do not wait until all information on the spill is available.
    • Your name and telephone number.
    • Location of the spill.
    • Number and type of injuries.
    • Identify or type and estimated amount of spilled material.
    • Source of spill (e.g., tank, container).
    • Behavior of spill (e.g., reactions, leak, spill, fire).
    • Anticipated movement of spill and actions being taken.
    • Time when spill occured.
  • Do not allow unauthorized persons to enter the spill area.
  • Restrict all sources of ignition-smoking, combustible engines, open flames.
  • Wait for and direct the emergency response personnel to the spill.
  • Provide information and assistance as instructed.

For additional information:
View the major spills page.
If you have questions call Mark Rielly, Spill Program Manager, 401-841-1791

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