Pollution Prevention

Why Is It Important?

Water that goes down the storm drains is not treated, but is discharged directly to streams, ponds, and Narragansett Bay. What we do on land directly affects the water quality of the Narragansett Bay.

Do's and Don'ts:

Good housekeeping is the key!
Dry sweep up spills, dirt and trash, don't wash into storm drains.
Keep dumpster lids closed.
For hazardous materials storage areas, keep spill kits nearby and keep outside materials stored under cover.
Use drip pans.
Conduct maintenance indoors.
Conduct inspections.


If you can’t swim in it - it doesn't go down the storm drain.

For Additional Information:
View the Storm Water Best Management Practices (BMPs) Page.


If you have questions call the Storm Water Program Manager at 401-841-1790.

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