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Unless otherwise noted, the NAVSTA Tank Management Plan applies to all proposed, new and existing or abandoned Underground And Aboveground Storage Tanks USTs and ASTs, at which petroleum product(s) and/or hazardous material(s) are or have been stored in a tank or tank system; whether such tanks serve institutional, industrial, commercial, educational, agricultural, governmental, residential or other purposes.


The purpose of the Tank Management Plan is to prevent contamination of soil and groundwater by properly managing existing Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) and Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs), programming for future requirements, and complying with applicable regulations. This can be accomplished by:
1. Establishing procedures and requirements for the assessment and remediation of sites contaminated due to releases associated with the storage of petroleum products or hazardous materials;
2. Implementing a system of registration for USTs and ASTs;
3. Preventing releases from USTs and ASTs of petroleum products or hazardous materials by establishing design, installation and operating requirements;
4. Establishing UST leak detection and monitoring requirements, including tank precision testing schedules, for the early detection of releases from USTs;
5. Requiring tank owners to guarantee the availability of sufficient resources to respond to and rectify releases from UST and AST systems;
6. Establishing UST and AST closure procedures.


OPNAVINST 5090.1C requires United States Naval activities to develop Storage Tank Management Plans. These Management Plans will use appropriate federal, state, and local regulations as the governing references to develop the plan. The primary references utilized to develop the Tank Management Plan for the NAVSTA was the State of Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) Underground Storage Tank Section Regulations For Underground Storage Facilities Used For Petroleum Products And Hazardous Materials Regulation DEM-DWMUST04-93 and the RIDEM Division of Groundwater and Freshwater Wetlands Oil Pollution Control Regulations. These state requirements were used because they are consistent with and in many instances are more stringent than federal requirements.

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