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Navy College: DANTES Reference


The American Council on Education publishes a Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Forces, or ACE Guide, every two years. The GUIDE recommends college credit for various service schools, rate or MOS etc. Most colleges and universities utilize the recommendations toward degree requirements.

Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES)

The mission of DANTES is to support the voluntary education functions of the Office of the Secretary of Defense, including all the military services and the Reserve components. DANTES provides nontraditional education programs to include Examination programs, Independent Study, External Degree Programs, Service members' Opportunity Colleges, and Military Evaluations. DANTES provides the Navy College Office with reference publications, manuals and handbooks, audiovisual training aids, posters and brochures.


Free testing services are available for all military personnel at most shore facilities and overseas. The following examinations are available through Navy College: General Education Development (GED) Exam; Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT); American College Test (ACT); CLEP General and Subject Exams; DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST's); Excelsior College Examinations; Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Subject Examinations and PRAXIS. A yearly schedule is available at the Navy College Office.


Certification examinations will allow selected professionals to obtain certification in their particular field. Certification translates military training into civilian terms and promotes association with civilian counterparts, providing an opportunity to document skills learned while on active duty. Documentation that can be readily understood and accepted in the civilian, professional, occupational community. An agreement between DANTES and the various professional organizations has made it possible for these exams to be ordered through the Navy College Office. The fees for the exams are paid by the individual. Reference: "Be a Certified Professional" brochure. (DANTES Certification exam page).

Interested clients should discuss the testing programs with a counselor before proceeding.


THE DANTES Independent Study Program allows service members to enroll in college courses via correspondence. Over 6000 courses are available covering all levels of study: high school, undergraduate, and graduate. Tuition Assistance is authorized for eligible personnel.


External Degree Programs are offered by regionally accredited colleges and universities. External degree programs are ideal for many service members because they are flexible in their scheduling, incorporate nontraditional education, and require little or no on campus residency. The DANTES Guide to External Degree Programs identifies those programs that best meet the needs of the military student. The Guide is used by counselors in assisting the member in selecting the institution and the degree program which best fulfills their needs. Tuition Assistance is authorized for eligible personnel.

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