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The Port Operations Officer supervises the administration and operation of the Port Operations Department. He is responsible to the Commanding Officer, Naval Station Norfolk for harbor operations, functional support of the service craft, and assists in planning and executing heavy weather orders. All personnel assigned to duty within the Port Operations Department are under the control of the Port Operations Officer.

The Port Operations Department provides port services for all ships under naval control in coordination with Atlantic Fleet commands and other activities concerned. Port Operations also acts as liaison for, and coordinates logistic services to, forces afloat from support activities, and controls Naval Station's Service Craft. In addition, the Magnetic Silencing Facility reports to the Port Operations Officer.

The Service Craft Division assists in docking and undocking ships, provide towing, fire fighting services, deliver potable water, explosives, and bulk fuel to waterfront customers.

The Material and Repair Division of the department consists of repair and supply personnel. It provides routine maintenance, spare parts, and major repairs to the service craft attached to the Department.

The Training and Readiness Division exercises operational and administrative control over the department's YTB's and YD's.

The Magnetic Silencing Facility operates the degaussing range for U.S. Navy, U.S. government, and Friendly-Nation ships.

The Ships Berthing Division assigns berths and anchorages; provides pilots; maintains Ships Present List; controls harbor voice radio net; schedules self-propelled lighterage and towing services; controls harbor movements in the Hampton Roads area; operates the Fleet Landing; provides military personnel and their dependents information on ships present, ships arrival and departure times; and disseminates weather information.

The Waterfront Ordnance Division coordinates handling of ammunition and enforcement of safety and security regulations in the Hampton Roads area.

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