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CO Suggestion Box

Have a suggestion about an issue on the base? Want your voice to be heard? Now is your time to send it to the CO Suggestion Box!

NSA Hampton Roads has developed a CO Suggestion Box for you to submit comments and/or suggestions to the Installation Commanding Officer. 

Suggestions and/or recommendations may be submitted to the NSA HR Commanding Officer via NSAHR.COSUGGESTION@NAVY.MIL. We expect the average turn-around time to be about a week in responding to email and we will post comments/answers on this page for everyone to view. 

As a reminder, you are communicating with a CO, therefore please adhere to the following ground rules:

- All comments should be suitable for public viewing.

- No graphic, obscene, explicit or racial comments or submissions.

- No comments that are abusive, hateful or intended to defame anyone or any organization.

- No solicitations or advertisements. This includes promotion or endorsement of any financial, commercial or non-governmental agency.

Recent Suggestions:

Suggestion/Question: It clearly states as you enter NSA HR that cell phone use while driving is prohibited, however I routinely see drivers using cell phones.  Why is the regulation against this dangerous practice not enforced? 

Response: First, thank you for your suggestion on cell phone usage while driving onboard NSA HR. Safety is not only paramount, but it is our top priority and we are committed to the safety of our service members, base personnel and their families. We have looked into your suggestion and made appropriate increases in check points.  We will continue to do ad hoc spot checks to ensure everyone is adhering to the no cell phone usage while driving on NSA HR. 


Suggestion/Question: There is a significant hole (crater) in the parking lot in the subject line approximately 3-4 rows back from the MOC...could use fill and blacktop to fix. Standing by for questions.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion on filling the hole in the parking lot of the Maritime Operations Center. Immediately after receiving your suggestion, we took it for action and our 1st Lieutenant Division promptly filled the hole in the parking lot.  We appreciate these types of suggestions being brought to our attention so that we can work on rectifying them. Thanks again.


Suggestion/Question: I would like to recommend the installation of a vending machine in Building NH-12 where occupants can buy soda, chips, candies, and other goodies.  Occupants of this building have to go to BLDG NH-13 to buy snacks.  Thank you.

Response: Thank you for your suggestion on the possibility of a vending machine being installed in NH-12. My staff combined forces with Public Works, Navy Exchange and the NH-12 staff and they looked at various locations based on the following factors: power requirements, clearance distances for normal traffic and egress, and esthetics.  Due to the restraints, I regret to inform you that there are no actual locations that would be suitable for such a setup based on the requirements outlined above.  The NH-12 staff working this issue also agreed, so we will not be able to install a vending machine at this time.


Suggestion/Question: Good day sir/ma’am!  I am using this channel because I have not only a suggestion but a question at the same time.  I use the gym of several bases around the Hampton Roads area and I have noticed that the access to guests at the base gym accompanied by a military member or dependant is forbidden in all the Navy base gyms that I have visited so far.  This seems to be a Navy wide policy.  I am a member of the U.S Air Force and until I moved to the Hampton Roads area, I really never visited other services’ facilities.  To make this story short, I don’t understand why guests without military identifications (dependant or retiree) cannot come to the gym as a guest of one of the people mention before in any of the Navy gym facilities.  I have to say that this is not the case in the Langley AFB gymnasiums facilities.  I cannot speak for the Army facilities.  I think this is a little bit too strict since we all have civilian friends.  For example, I have a co-worker who is a basketball coach for kids of high risk areas.  Why couldn’t he use the basketball court in the base gym if it is not being use by anyone else for practice? As long as he consults with the gym staff to make sure the basketball court is not going to be used for any official function such as squadron physical training.  I really appreciate this new suggestion box and I really hope I don’t have to use it often.  Thank you in advance for your reply back and have a great week.

Response: Thank you for reaching out for an answer to this concern.  You are correct; it is a policy that guests cannot have access to NSA HR gyms.  NSA HR is funded, manned and equipped for all the uniformed services and civilians who are authorized users.  I apologize, but guests will not be permitted at this time but if that changes in the future, we will be sure to inform our tenant commands and NSA HR personnel.  


Suggestion/Question: Is there any possibility of restoring Pass and ID services at the hospital?  Even part time?  It is very inconvenient to travel to NOB and lines are horrendous at the shipyard and the online service is often down and not so user friendly!  Thank you!

Response: Thanks for your question.  The Pass and ID office at the hospital did not meet security requirements and had to be closed for this reason.  We cannot, per procedure, operate a Pass and ID office inside the fence line at this time.  NSA HR knows how frustrating going through the Midtown Tunnel is and to that end, NSA HR is working with NNSY to try and bolster the services at the shipyard Pass and ID office to make it easier for our customers at NMCP. We are working another alternative which may involve a partial Pass and ID office capability for those who can access the installation within the approved access control procedures. We will continue to work this and other solutions to support all our customers at NSA HR Portsmouth. I appreciate your patience as this process comes together.  


Suggestion/Question: Thanks for the regular updates... good info. One thing that I noticed that wasn't covered in your latest edition was blue striped parking spaces. They don't all have the handicap symbol, but according to your predecessor, they are regardless handicap spaces. It seems that there are several individuals who don't understand this and continue to park in blue striped spaces without a handicap placard or license plate. I notice this because my wife is handicap and has on several occasions not been able to park in designated spaces on this base when visiting the gym because of this problem.

Response: Parking as you know is at a premium here at NSA HR.  That has been alleviated to some extent with the additional parking behind NH-46 and will again be lessened with the completion of the ongoing NATO project.  Specifically to the handicap space issue, personnel who are in blue striped spots with squares and numbers should have a red NSA sticker on their rear or front windshield indicating that they are allowed to park in that spot.  There are still general handicap spots with the symbol around the base, but ones with the square and number in them are reserved.  This has allowed us to open up general parking around the base, increase usage of space by all tenants, and allow many more disabled tenants to park closer to their destination as we will paint a spot wherever they choose. Thank you for your suggestion and we will continue to work to ensure that personnel are not abusing the blue handicapped parking spaces.    

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