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Group Reservation Request Form







1. IAW REFERENCE, and in order to maintain the highest standard of customer service while ensuring our assets are effectively utilized, the procedures outlined below are necessary in making reservations for groups of six (6) personnel or more. Please read the instructions thoroughly, and provide complete and accurate information for your group. NOTE: All fields requiring data input have corresponding directions/instructions that display in the status bar (the horizontal area located at the bottom left of the document window) when each field is selected.

2. RESERVATION PROCEDURES AND CONTACT INFORMATION: To make and confirm a group reservation, please fax or e-mail this form and the accompanying Group Reservation Information Sheet to CRO at: (FAX) 757-444-5271 or e-mail to: The toll free voice number is 877-ZUMWALT (986-9258) or commercial 757-445-7800. The Central Reservations Office (CRO) business hours are, Mon-Fri 7 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. CRO is closed Saturdays, Sundays, and all Federal Holidays.

3. POC RESPONSIBILITIES AND REQUIRED INFORMATION: a single point of contact (POC) (designated in para 16) from your command will be responsible for providing each persons Name, Grade, Branch of Service, SSN, Arrival/Departure Dates, Command Mailing Address, Command Phone Number and Payment Information (Credit Card or Direct Billing info - please see page 2 - para 14a, 14b or 14c) to this office. The Central Reservations Office (CRO) cannot pre-block rooms for groups and allow personnel to call in individually with their pertinent information. This procedure inevitably causes double bookings. To minimize the chance of errors, all information (to include change requests) must be in writing, and will not be honored from anyone other than the group POC or his/her registered alternate. Pertinent information for each individual member of your group (Name, Address, SSN, CC Info, etc.) should be provided utilizing the accompanying Group Reservation Information Sheet. Once individual pertinent information is received and in our system, confirmation numbers will be provided. Personal information on each member of your group must be complete and received in the Central Reservations Office via fax or e-mail from the group POC NLT 14 days prior to the group arrival date. Failure to provide required booking information within the 14-day period may result in rooms being forfeited. NOTE: IAW reference, a valid credit card is required to confirm and hold ALL reservations within the MIDLANT Region (Group POC’s may elect to provide credit card info via voice or fax, as e-mail is NOT a secure form of communication). Additionally, all official travelers will be required to provide a copy of their orders and/or command sponsor letter to Front Desk personnel at check-in.

4. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE DATE CHANGES: The POC of your group can request arrival or departure date changes in writing for the group at any time. The sooner changes are requested, the better the chance of confirmation. NOTE: Once in house, individuals requiring extended departure date changes must be requested at the Front Desk, and will be accommodated providing adequate space is available.

5. RESERVATION CONFIRMATIONS: The group POC shall provide each individual’s credit card info (name on card, card type, card number and expiration date) in the space provided on the Group Reservation Information Sheet to secure group member reservations, or he/she can elect to provide one credit card to secure and hold accommodations for the entire group (see para 15). In the event one card is provided, that card will not be charged unless instructions are given by the group POC to do so, or to satisfy any “No-Show” charges (see para 6). Please note that we can not accept third party credit cards to confirm reservations without the credit card holder’s explicit permission. Additionally, all personnel, regardless of payment method, will have their personal Credit Card “swiped” at check-in to offset any incidental charges incurred. All guest charges, to include those being Direct Billed, are due and payable upon check-out unless prior arrangements have been made.

6. CANCELLATIONS: are requested 24 hours prior to arrival, but must be provided NLT 11:00 hours on the scheduled arrival date. Failure to cancel a confirmed reservation and not showing up constitutes a “NO SHOW”. IAW Reference, all No-Shows are assessed one night’s room charge equal to the room rate for which they reserved. Charges will be posted to the credit card on file.

7. CONFERENCE ROOMS: Groups requiring Conference Rooms will need to contact a Conference Center Coordinator. Two key numbers are provided for your convenience: Naval Station Norfolk - 757-489-2890 ext 106, and NAB Little Creek -757-462-2661.

8. Is your group traveling under funded government orders? ☐ YesNo

NOTE: If your group is NOT traveling under funded orders, then your reservation request is considered Space Available (Space “A”). IAW reference, Space “A” reservations can be accepted 30 days in advance of arrival, (based on availability) for a period not to exceed 14 days. An extension may be granted by the Building Manager once in house, providing space is available for the requested additional time period. Space “A” reservations will not be “bumped” once reservations are confirmed.

9. At which base are you requesting accommodations?

a. If your first choice is unavailable, would you like us to check another base in close proximity? If yes, please provide second choice:

10. Please provide a GROUP NAME for identification purposes:

11. Will your group check in as a group or individually? GROUP INDIVIDUALLY

If checking in as a group, please indicate approx. arrival time: hrs.

12. ROOM BREAK DOWN: Please indicate the total number of personnel requiring accommodations, broken down by grade. (Note: E-1 to E-4 may be required to share a room).

E1-E4 (Male) E1-E4 (Female) E5-E6 E7-E9

O1-O5 O6 O7-O10 GS4 - GS14 GS15+ SES 1/5


Please provide Group Arrival Date and Group Departure Date

a. Is this a youth group (17 years old and under - JROTC, Sea Cadets, etc.)? Yes ☐ No

If yes, please provide the name and cell phone number of the person in charge of supervision:

Name: Cell Nr:

14. Guest is responsible for payment of his/her own bill: Yes No ☐ (If No, complete 14a, 14b or 14c)

    NOTE: Please utilize the Group Reservation Information Sheet to provide required information (outlined in para 3 above) on each individual member of your group.

a. GROUP PAYMENT OPTION #1 - Please set up a Direct Billing account:

Invoice Should Be Sent To:

Command Name -

UIC - How will invoice be paid?

If BPA, Please Provide Existing BPA Number –

Responsible POC Name -

Unit/Street Address -

City, State, Zip -

Phone # (w/Area Code) ext: Fax # (w/Area Code)

E-mail address:

b. GROUP PAYMENT OPTION #2 - Payment of entire bill will be with one credit card:

Credit Card Used To Pay All Guest Charges For Your Group:

Name on Card:

CC Type: Credit Card Number:

Exp. Date: /

Phone # (w/Area Code) ext: Fax # (w/Area Code)
E-mail address:

NOTE: As of 4-Jun-08, we no longer accept Discover or American Express. We apologize for any inconvenience.

c. GROUP PAYMENT OPTION #3☐a portion of the bill will be paid by . The remainder of the bill will be paid by . (NOTE: Please identify method of payment for each attendee on a separate sheet or in the remarks column of accompanying Group Reservation Information Sheet).

15. IAW reference, please provide valid credit card information below to guarantee and hold your Group Reservation. NOTE: All personnel will have their individual personal or government credit cards “swiped” at check-in. Information provided below will only be used to guarantee your Group Reservation and/or facilitate No-Show charges if necessary (see para 6).

Credit Card Used To Confirm Group Reservation: Please use Credit Card in 14b above. Yes ☐ No

Name on Card:

CC Type: Credit Card Number:

Exp. Date: /

Phone # (w/Area Code) ext: Fax # (w/Area Code)
E-mail address:

16. Please provide valid POC information for your group:

Group POC Grade/Name:

Command Name -

Unit/Street Address -

City, State, and Zip -

Country Code - (if OCONUS)

Phone # (w/Area Code) ext: Fax # (w/Area Code)

Group POC E-Mail Address –

The Central Reservations Office is committed to providing our customers world-class service, and will do everything possible to afford your group an enjoyable stay. We would appreciate any comments or suggestions you might have to improve our service. We appreciate your business.


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