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Sexual Assault Prevention and Response


The DoD definition of sexual assault:

"Sexual assault" is defined as intentional sexual contact, characterized by use of force, threats, intimidation, abuse of authority, or when the victim does not or cannot consent.

Sexual assault includes rape, forcible sodomy (oral or anal sex), and other unwanted sexual contact that is aggravated, abusive, or wrongful (to include unwanted and inappropriate sexual contact), or attempts to commit these acts.

"Consent" means words or overt acts indicating a freely given agreement to the sexual conduct at issue by a competent person. An expression of lack of consent through words or conduct means there is no consent.

Lack of verbal or physical resistance or submission resulting from the accused's use of force, threat of force, or placing another person in fear does not constitute consent.

A current or previous dating relationship by itself or the manner of dress of the person involved with the accused in the sexual conduct at issue shall not constitute consent.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), and Navy leaders are committed to using SAAM as a jumping off point for a campaign to ensure every Sailor and Navy civilian fully understands the depth of the problem, that deckplate leaders must lead from the front in preventing this crime, and that all of us take ownership of the issue.  Click Here to download FFSC's Weekly SAPR posters.




Who are the victims of sexual assault?


Statistics show that 1 in 4 females and 1 in 7 males will be victims of sexual assault in their lifetime. In the Navy the majority of victims are between 18 and 24 years of age. It is also important to note that victims are chosen either because of opportunity or because they are vulnerable in some way.

Who are the perpetrators?


The majority of sexual assaults remain Service Member on Service Member. In FY09 62% of sexual assaults were Blue on Blue. (DOD Annual Report FY09)

What services are available for a victim of sexual assault?


The Navy’s priority is to protect victims and ensure that they are treated with respect and dignity. The Navy also wants to ensure that victims can receive medical care, forensic evidence collection, advocacy, treatment and counseling, if desired. The Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program offers victim advocates, resource information, and referrals for counseling. Active duty victims of sexual assault can access these services while still having the choice (with a few exceptions) of whether they want law enforcement and their command to be notified of their sexual assault.

What are some of the reasons people do not come forward?


Fear, shame and embarrassment are common reasons people do not report. When substances such as alcohol or even drugs are involved, victims may be unsure of exactly what has happened.


Often victims feel a sense of guilt about what has happened or they may fear that they will get in trouble if there was collateral misconduct such as underage drinking or fraternization that took place as well. The Navy’s policy encourages commands to set aside the issue of the collateral misconduct until the issues related to the sexual assault have been resolved. This does not provide immunity from punishment for the collateral misconduct but allows the command and the victim to deal with the more serious issue of the sexual assault first.





Unrestricted report: Unrestricted reporting can be made to SARCs, Victim Advocates, healthcare providers, law enforcement, or any other person.

Restricted report: Restricted reporting can only be guaranteed if the sexual assault victim talks to a SARC or Victim Advocate before speaking with anyone else, including a friend or family member.

If You or Someone You Know Has Been Sexually Assaulted:

-- Get to a safe place that has a phone
-- Contact the Command SAPR Victim Advocate
-- Contact the On-Call Installation SAPR Victim Advocate
-- Contact the Installation SARC



After a sexual assault, a trained advocate can assist and support a victim through medical, investigative, and legal procedures. ASK for one to be present at any time.


Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) (OPNAVINST 1752.1B)

The Navy SAPR Program is designed to promote a Navy culture exhibiting appropriate prevention and response capability.

-- The Navy expects sailors to protect each other from all types of criminal behavior
-- Sexual assault is a crime and is not tolerated in the Navy

SAPR provides:

-- Victim advocacy
-- Training for SAPR POCs and Advocates
-- Command consultation
-- Sexual assault awareness and risk-reduction training (at your work site)




The DCC is responsible for obtaining data on sexual assault incidents necessary to meet reporting requirements.



Follow this link to the Class Schedule




Command Liaison is designated by the CO when there is an open, unrestricted case of sexual assault.



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The SAPR Command POC manages the SAPR Program at the command level. 



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This single-session workshop is an advanced training that provides SAPR Program updates. Who should attend: Any individual previously trained as a SAPR POC, Data Collection Coordinator, or Advocate in the Hampton Roads area.



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Command SAPR Victim Advocates should be the victim's first contact when reporting a sexual assault. 



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Sexual Assault Prevention And Response (SAPR) Victim Advocate Duty Phone

JEB Little Creek-Fort Story: 757-438-3455

Norfolk Installations/NMCP/Norfolk Naval Shipyards: 757-438-3504

NAS Oceana/Dam Neck: 757-438-3260

Newport News/Cheatham Annex/Yorktown (Peninsula)/Sugar Grove: 757-438-4011

Northwest: 757-803-8621

FFSC Installation Sexual Assault Response Coordinator (SARC)

JEB Little Creek-Fort Story: 757-462-7563

Norfolk Installations/NMCP/Norfolk Naval Shipyards: 757-444-2230

NAS Oceana/Dam Neck/Northwest: 757-433-2912

Newport News/Cheatham Annex/Yorktown (Peninsula)/Sugar Grove: 757-887-4606


Sexual Assault Prevention And Response (SAPR) Unrestricted Reporting

-- Command IS notified
-- Law Enforcement IS notified
-- Sexual assault victim receives medical treatment and counseling


Sexual Assault Prevention And Response (SAPR) Restricted Reporting

-- Command NOT notified
-- Law Enforcement NOT notified
-- Sexual assault victim receives medical treatment and counseling


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