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Rental Partnership Program

The Naval Support Activity (NSA) Philadelphia Rental Partnership Program (RPP) was a 1999 recipient of the Secretary of Defense Team Excellence Award and won the 1996 Reinvention Tool Kit Award for outstanding effort to create "Common Sense Government" that works better and costs less.  The RPP is another housing option available to Service Members, single or married.  The following are details for this exceptional program.

Who is Eligible?

All Department of Defense (DoD) military personnel and U.S. Coast Guard personnel with at least 1 year remaining on active duty in the Philadelphia area.

How do you receive verification of eligibility for the program?

The Service Member must report to the Housing Service Center (HSC).  Upon meeting program criteria, a Verification of Eligibility statement will be issued.  The Sponsor’s designee with A General Power-of-Attorney (POA) or Special POA is authorized.  A Special POA must specifically state the authority to establish, change or stop allotments.  The Verification of Eligibility must be provided to the participating property of your choice.

What is required to meet program criteria?

  • You must report to the HSC for counseling on the program.  Bring permanent change of station (PCS) orders, current leave and earnings statement (LES) and ID card.
  • Single E1-E5s, without dependents, must provide an authorization CHIT to live off base that is signed by an E7 or above with rank or rate clearly stated.

Marine, Army and Air Force members at an NSA Philadelphia command with at least 12 months or more must provide a letter on command letterhead identifying the length of the Service Member's tour at that command. This letter must be signed by an E7 or above with rank or rate clearly stated.

RPP Process

The following process will allow some applicants to start the RPP process without first reporting to the HSC:


  • Applicant completes the RPP application package which includes the fax cover sheet, RPP application, statement of understanding and request for customized RPP listings.
  • PCS orders.
  • Current LES.
  • Rental reference or statement on letterhead from current or past RPP landlord identifying that the Service Member has provided a vacate notice and left with a zero balance or has a zero balance as of the date of the letter.
  • Ranks USMC/USA/USAF:  Service Members who have been at their NSA Philadelphia command 12 months or more, must provide a statement on command letterhead, signed by an E7 or above, stating your tour length at your current command.

Upon receipt of all appropriate paperwork, and if the applicant meets the eligibility requirements, a Verification of Eligibility will be faxed to you along with a customized printout of RPP listings (if requested).

Once you have selected a landlord, you will provide the landlord with your Verification of Eligibility

Upon acceptance of your application by the landlord, the landlord will provide you with a Letter of Intent.  You will take the Letter of Intent to the HSC to process the allotment form.  At this time, you will be required to sign all documents.  You will start your allotment through your MyPay account before the second full month. 

You will give a Xerox copy of the Payee’s Copy to the landlord to get a key to move in or the landlord may terminate your RPP privilege.  If you cannot provide the landlord with a signed Payee copy at the time of move-in, you must negotiate with the landlord for an alternate method.  Example:  Offer to sign a statement – Service Member to provide the landlord, within 3 working days or the landlord will terminate RPP and convert the lease to a conventional lease.  The Service Member will be responsible to reimburse the landlord all waived or discounted rents or fees.

Helpful Tips

  • Be advised that renting a unit without first inspecting the unit and the surrounding area could result in dissatisfaction that you may not be able to reverse until the end of your lease term.
  • Please do not start this process unless you have money for prorata move-in rent or a possible a security deposit up to 1 month’s rent and first full month’s rent.  These costs must be paid by certified funds until your allotment starts.  Your allotment will not start until the rent day of the second full month.  Money is collected in advance of payment.  Money is taken from your paycheck on the 15th and 1st to pay rent for the first.
  • The landlord has the right to collect a $100 reservation fee.

Frequently Asked Questions 

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