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Must Know Information

The mainside area of Naval Weapons Station (NWS) Earle is situated on 10,000 wooded acres in the town of Colts Neck in historic Monmouth County in central New Jersey.  The waterfront complex is located approximately 15 miles away on the shore of the Sandy Hook Bay, overlooking the New York skyline, in the town of Leonardo.  The two sections are connected by a government-owned, restricted access highway and railroad.  All on-base housing is located mainside.  Monmouth County is located in the heart of the beautiful Jersey shore and offers a pleasant blend of rural and suburban environments including miles of beaches, boardwalks and numerous state and county parks.  New York City, Atlantic City and Philadelphia are all within a 1 to 1 1/2 hour drive and offer a wide variety of entertainment and cultural options including professional sports, theaters, museums, zoos, aquariums, casinos and historic sites.  While there is bus, train and ferry service available from Monmouth County to New York City, there is very limited public transportation within Monmouth County.  There are no public transportation services directly to NWS Earle.

Balfour Beatty Communities (BBC) is our Public-Private Venture (PPV) partner.  BBC manages and maintains the housing on-base.  Residents are required to sign a one year lease with BBC and pay rent which is set at the "with dependent" basic allowance for housing (BAH) rate at NWS Earle.  Rent includes utilities and personal property renters insurance in the amount of $20,000.  You may wish to consider purchasing additional personal property insurance if this amount of coverage is not sufficient to replace your belongings.  In addition, all residents are strongly encouraged to purchase their own liability insurance.  Liability insurance is designed to protect you if you should accidentally damage the home, apartment or condominium you are living in or if you should suffer some type of a lawsuit resulting from your negligence within your home.  All families are encouraged to take the need for a supplemental general liability policy seriously.  An accident which results in fire or flood damage could result in significant monetary damages, which could become a financial burden to you for the rest of your life.  A general liability policy is inexpensive and well worth the cost.

You should know that there is a two pet limit in BBC housing.  Certain "aggressive breeds" (Akita, Chow, Doberman and Rottweiller) require proof of $100,000 liability insurance prior to move-in.  American Staffordshire Terriers, American Bull Dogs and American Pit Bulls are NOT allowed in housing.

If you chose to live in BBC housing, pro-rated rent may be due at time of move-in, based on the day of the month that you move in.  It is important that you save your BAH allowances and any other allowances that you receive in between your duty stations to be prepared for this financial obligation.

Housing Service Center (HSC) personnel still maintain the waiting list and all applications must be processed through our office for referral to BBC.  You may apply for housing by faxing, mailing or e-mailing an application package to the housing office.  A complete application package must include:

  • DD Form 1746, Application for Assignment to Housing.
  • Copy of your orders.
  • Sex Offender Acknowledgement and Disclosure Form.
  • Up-to-date Record of Emergency Data.

For Navy, this is the NAVPERS 1070/602 (Page 2).

For Marines, Army and Air Force, this is the DD Form 93.

For Coast Guard, this is the CG-4170 (Dependents Information Record).

In addition, if your spouse will be signing for you, please include a Special Power of Attorney (POA) giving them the authority to conduct real estate transactions on your behalf.

NWS Earle Visitor Access Control Policy

  • NWS Earle is a secure weapons station with all family and bachelor housing located within the fence line. All residents must be familiar with and adhere to the station’s access control policy as summarized below. A printed copy of the complete policy will be included in your move-in package.
  • A visitor is defined as an unbadged, non-dependent person who will be visiting your home for any reason.  All visitors must be escorted to and from the main gate and at all times while on the base. Escorts can be anyone age 18 or older that has a valid active duty military, military dependent or retired military identification (ID) card.  Department of Defense (DoD) civilians or DoD contractors with Common Access Cards (CAC) assigned to NWS Earle can also serve as escorts.  There can be no more than six guests per escort.  Individuals being escorted must have valid government issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license.  Escorts are responsible for the conduct of all of their guests while on-board NWS Earle.  If a visitor is found on-base without their escort they will be detained and potentially cited for trespassing and barred from the installation.  Any escort violations could lead to administrative and or Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) action against the escort.
  • There are additional rules that must be followed to request extended visitors (more than 30 days); foreign national visitors (non-U.S. citizens) and visits by large groups of people.  These requests require advanced planning.  Foreign national visitors require that the request be submitted to the security department not less than 45 days prior to their arrival.
  • If you have a visitor need that does not fall into any of the current rules or guidelines, it is your responsibility to contact the HSC for guidance on your special circumstance well in advance of the anticipated visit.
  • The escort policy can be amended or suspended at any time if security concerns or force protection conditions change.

Local community housing is expensive.  Most rentals require a 12-month lease, security deposit equal to half times the monthly rent and a credit check.  Few rentals allow pets and those that do often have weight or breed restrictions, or both. 

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