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Privatized Housing

Public-Private Venture

Privatized housing is also referred to as Public-Private Venture (PPV), a partnership between the Navy and a private company.  With PPV, the Navy can sign a legal agreement with a private company to renovate and construct family housing (FH) quickly and affordably.  Also, Navy policy is to rely first on PPV to improve FH.  With the present funding situation, PPV is the best way to ensure you still have the opportunity to reside in a high quality home.

There is no unaccompanied personnel PPV housing on Naval Weapons Station (NWS) Earle.  However, unaccompanied personnel are authorized to live in privatized FH at NWS Earle on a space available basis.  Rent is Balfour Beatty Communities market rate.  Please contact Balfour Beatty Communities, LLC directly at (732) 308-1003, for the current market rate.  Service Members may choose to pay the entire rent or two Service Members may become roommates and split the rent.  Please contact the Housing Service Center (HSC) for further information.  Please refer to the housing for unaccompanied personnel page for more detail information on eligibility and assignment priority for Navy-owned government housing for unaccompanied personnel.

Unaffiliated Civilians

On Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2016, Capt. Jay Steingold, commanding officer, NWS Earle, and Balfour Beatty Northeast Housing, LLC, Vice President Mr. Edward Lopes, met with New Jersey local elected officials and school district representatives to provide an informational brief and update regarding the possibility of to non-Department of Defense (DoD) affiliated civilians, also known as Unaffiliated Civilians (UC), living in housing owned and managed by Balfour Beatty Northeast Housing, LLC. 

Under the provisions of the Navy’s PPV partnership with Balfour Beatty Northeast Housing, LLC, the PPV partner is authorized to lease housing to UCs when there is not enough demand for housing from military families and other “preferred referrals.”  According to the business agreement, when units remain vacant for longer than 30 days, Balfour Beatty Northeast Housing, LLC is able to market the units to UCs. 

Preferred referrals are, in order of priority:  active duty families; unaccompanied Service Members; National Guard and reservists; civil service employees; military retirees; civil service retirees.  This priority waterfall is contained in all Navy agreements with our PPV partners and is not unique to the Navy's PPV agreement with Balfour Beatty Northeast Housing, LLC.

Before a UC is authorized to live in the PPV housing, Balfour Beatty Northeast Housing, LLC conducts a criminal history background check, as well as a financial and credit report on the UCs.  If the individual(s) pass this initial screening, the Navy conducts an additional thorough security background check prior to approving access to the base.  If the commanding officer approves their access, the UC would be issued an ID card that is scanned each time they enter the base, just as with all base personnel.

It is important to note that there are currently no UCs leasing PPV units on the installation at this time; however, Balfour Beatty Northeast Housing, LLC is marketing to potential tenants in the effort to maximize occupancy of their housing.

"The Navy enjoys a long-standing, good relationship with the surrounding community and we will continue to keep our community leaders informed on the status of our on-base housing occupancy matters," said Steingold.  "The safety and security of the installation, its residents and employees remains my highest priority and we will continue to maintain that standard throughout this process."

This meeting was a follow-up to an initial meeting held on Monday, Sept. 19, 2016, to inform local community leaders of the PPV partners’ intention to market to UCs.  During the initial meeting, Capt. Steingold met with New Jersey State Senator Jennifer Beck, along with a contingent of local community leaders, to discuss the potential of UCs living in privatized family housing aboard the installation.

Since 2004, Balfour Beatty Northeast Housing, LLC has owned and managed the housing on-base through a PPV partnership with the Navy.  The Navy will continue to work closely with Balfour Beatty Northeast Housing, LLC to market and increase occupancy of preferred referrals, in particular.

Please refer to Unaffiliated Civilian FAQs for more information.

Benefits of Basic Allowance for Housing

With privatized housing, military families are getting more amenities with their basic allowance for housing (BAH) than ever before, and more than they can get in any other private housing community.  You can find our partner’s website here.  It includes contact information and specific information regarding PPV housing on NWS Earle Frequently asked questions regarding PPV housing can be found CNIC Public Private Venture FAQs.

Military Housing Privatization Initiative:

The Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) was enacted on February 10, 1996, as part of the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 1996.  The MHPI program was created to address two significant problems concerning housing for military Service Members and their families:  the poor condition of DoD-owned housing and a shortage of adequate affordable private sector housing.  Under the MHPI authorities, the DoD can work with the private sector to revitalize our military housing by employing a variety of financial tools, including direct loans, loan guarantees, equity investments, conveyance or leasing of property or facilities, and rental guarantees. 

The Defense Authorization Bill in fiscal year 2003, authorized the Department of the Navy to pursue no more than three unaccompanied housing privatization pilot projects.  Based upon the lessons learned during the pilots, the Navy will determine how best to employ privatization to meet unaccompanied housing needs. 

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