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Housing Quick Reference

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Family & Community Housing

Housing ServiceCenter
1970 Von Steuben Drive
Newport News, VA 23603
Hours:  Mon-Fri 0800-1600
DSN:  953-7806
Commercial:  (757) 847-7806, Fax: (757) 847-7822



Unaccompanied Housing

Unaccompanied Housing (UH)
Yorktown / Cheatham Annex
704 Belzer Drive
Yorktown, VA 23691
Hours:  Mon-Fri 0730-1600
DSN:  953-7625
Commercial:  (757) 887-7625, Fax:  (757) 887-7181


Print is a new official Department of Defense (DoD) website, dedicated to helping Service Members, families and DoD civilians find housing.  Listings for Naval Weapons Station (NWS) Yorktown can be found on under Hampton Roads.


Must Know

The Housing Service Center (HSC), building 1970, is located on Von Steuben Drive.  Directions:  take the Lee Hall/Yorktown Exit 247 off of I-64.  Follow the signs to State Route 238, Yorktown Road.  You will pass Seven-Eleven on your left.  Take the second left onto Lebanon Church Road (do not pass the church, if you do, you have gone too far).  Endview Plantation will be on your right.  Take the first right onto Von Steuben Drive.  The Navy Housing Welcome Center is located on your left, next to the Fleet and Family Services Center (FFSC).  It is a single story, brick building, number 1970.

Service Members are encouraged to apply for government quarters and renew every 6 months.  Assignment to government quarters is one bedroom per child.  There is a maximum of two pets (dogs or cats) permitted in government housing.  No dogs are permitted at Hamilton Redoubt.  Units without rear fenced yards will not be allowed pets without prior permission from the Housing Authority. 

Water beds are permitted with a copy of comprehensive renter's insurance that specifically covers damage from water beds.  Stove, refrigerator, dishwasher and washer dryer hookups are furnished.  

To apply, complete a DD1746 available at any housing office and provide permanent change of station (PCS) orders, current page 2 and Power of Attorney if acting in the Service Member's behalf.  Personnel desiring a customized community housing referral list to meet their needs should visit to the HSC.  Your counselor will provide you information based on your housing needs which will be helpful in locating a place to live in the Hampton Roads Area.  

You may be interested in the Rental Partnership Program (RPP).  A Service Member may get an apartment or townhouse through RPP with a 5 percent corporate discount upon qualifying.  To apply for this program you will need your current PCS orders and leave and earnings statement (LES).  You are required to be stationed in the area for a minimum of 1 year to participate in this program.  The RPP is open to all pay grades.  Single Service Members E5 and below, without dependents, will need a chit to live off-base signed by an E7 or above within their ultimate command.  Service Members who elect to participate in the RPP must receive qualification from the HSC and receive a letter of eligibility before contracting with an apartment complex on the program.  Landlords may charge a security deposit contingent upon the review process.  The landlord will charge a $32 review fee.  Service Members must pay a holding fee of $100 by certified funds to secure a selected apartment not immediately available.  Other financial arrangements will be noted on the letter of intent which will be provided by the landlord or manger.

Maintaining good credit will one day help you to realize the dream of home ownership.  People with good credit can obtain better financing terms than those who have poor credit.  The dream of home ownership can be realized one day with a history of good money management.  All branches of the service offer classes in money management.
Free home buying workshops are held every 4th Wednesday of the month from 1300-1600.  Contact the Yorktown HSC at (757) 847-7806.

Estimated Wait Times for Family Housing (# of Months)


E1-E3 E4-E6 E7-E9 W1-O3 O4-O5
2-Bedroom 0-1 0-1 0-1 N/A N/A
3-Bedroom 1-9 1-9 1-9 1-9 12-24
4-Bedroom 18-24 18-24 18-24 N/A 12-24
5-Bedroom N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A


Average Community (Off-Base) Housing Costs - Rentals

Type Deposit 1-BR 2-BR 3-BR 4-BR 5-BR Utilities
Apartment 1 Month 700 800 900 1000 N/A 75 & UP
Condominium 1 Month 950 1100 1150 1200 N/A 75 & UP
Townhouse 1 Month 800 1000 1100 1200 1400 75 & UP
House 1 Month 1100 1200 1400 1800 2200 75 & UP

Average Community (Off-Base) Housing Costs - Purchase

Type 2-BR 3-BR 4-BR 5-BR Utilities
Condominium 160,000 240,000 300,000 N/A 75 & UP
Townhouse 150,000 200,000 250,000 N/A 75 & UP
House 170,000 250,000 310,000 360,000 200 &UP


UH Overview

The HSC staff is ready to assist unaccompanied personnel reporting to NWS Yorktown/Cheatham Annex and will help in determining housing eligibility, options and locating acceptable housing.  The HSC has a number of excellent housing choices and services.

UH has 3 buildings with a total of 422 beds, and all are fully furnished with amenities.  Grey Hall, building 2075, is located on NWS Yorktown with 68 mods (2 Sailors per mod) and 136 beds.  It is the home for all Sailors E4 and below.  Puller Hall, building 1807, is located on NWS Yorktown with 20 mods (4 rooms in each mod, 3 beds in each room).  It is the home for the Marines E4 and below.  Cheatham Colonies, building 536D, is located on Cheatham Annex.  There are 23 mods (2 rooms in each mod) and 46 beds.  Sea and shore duty personnel within pay grades E1-E4 can expect to reside in permanent party UH or UH Public-Private Venture (PPV) housing.


  • Depending on your assignment status (shore duty, sea duty, student, etc.) and pay grade, your options may include Navy UH, housing in the local community or unaccompanied PPV housing.
  • Based on local conditions, 50 to 75 percent of E4s with more than 4 years of service may be housed in UH.
  • Students will reside in 2075 (Grey Hall) housing facilities.
  • More senior personnel are expected to reside in the local community.

UH are government-owned and managed housing.  Eligibility is based on your pay grade and basic allowance for housing (BAH) entitlement.

UH unit qualities:

  • Comfortable, fully-furnished.
  • Clean, safe and secure housing.
  • Location, location, location:
    • Close to work (no traffic).
    • Base recreation.
    • Shopping.
    • Additional installation support services.
  • No - Rent fees.
  • Fees - Utilities, cable, internet and land line (if needed).  Note:  BAH (or overseas housing allowance (OHA)) will stop.
  • UH moving information.

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