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Government-Owned Housing

The local Housing Service Center (HSC) processes applications and assigns personnel to government-owned family housing.  The HSC is your advocate, and you should contact them with any issues.  For more information about on-base housing for accompanied personnel, including eligibility requirements, visit the CNIC Headquarters Government-Owned Housing page. 

The Housing Early Assistance Tool (HEAT) enables Service Members and their families to apply for government-owned family housing prior to departure from their current command, before or after receiving permanent change of station orders.  Visit the CNIC HQ HEAT page to find out more. 

Additionally, you can obtain application forms online, at your nearest HSC, or you can contact us  to have one mailed or emailed to you.

You must check into the SCSC Wallops Island HSC within 30 days of arrival to secure full local move benefits. 

There are 14 Navy owned family housing units located in the Skeeter Lane housing area located aboard SCSC Wallops Island:  Navy owned housing units are not PPV and when assigned to a unit, the members BAH will be completely stopped. Skeeter lane is located directly off-base and within walking distance to the main Navy installation command If appropriate quarters are not available upon arrival, personnel will be placed on a waiting list.  When a unit becomes available, the Service Member and family will receive a government-funded move from their off-base residence to family housing on base.  Contact the SCSC Wallops Island HSC to get the most current projection of housing availability and wait list information.

Visit the SCSC Wallops Island Facebook page, to view listings and photos of local civilian rental properties, photos and floor plans of existing Navy-owned housing units as well as various information pertaining to housing at SCSC Wallops Island.


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