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Housing Quick Reference

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Family & Community Housing

Commanding Officer
Attn: Navy Housing Service Center
201 Skeeter Lane
Wallops Island, VA 23337
Hours:  Mon-Fri 0730-1600
Commercial:  (757) 824-5381, Fax:  (757) 824-5382



Unaccompanied Housing (UH)

Bachelor Housing
30 Battlegroup Way
Wallops Island, VA 23337
Commercial:  (757) 824-2064

Print is a new official Department of Defense (DoD) website, dedicated to helping Service Members, families and DoD civilians find housing. 


Must Know

It is important to report to the Housing Service Center (HSC) prior to locating off-base housing.

You will need a copy of your permanent change of station (PCS) orders, page 2, with housing application to activate.  House hunting trips are recommended due to the changing rental market.  There is no temporary housing available.  Household goods are handled through Norfolk for delivery to Virginia and through Dover Air Force Base for delivery to Maryland.  Housing referral services are available.  There are no large apartment complexes. Security deposits are usually 1 month's rent.  Pets are not usually permitted; if permitted, it's a two-pet maximum allowed.  Public transportation is limited.  It is a summer tourist area and there is a small Navy exchange.


Estimated Wait Times for Family Housing (# of Months)

Type E1-E6 E7-E9 W1-O3 O4-O5
2-Bedroom N/A N/A N/A N/A
3-Bedroom 0-6 0-6 0-6 0-6
4-Bedroom 12-24 12-24 12-24 12-24
5-Bedroom N/A N/A N/A N/A

 Average Community (Off-Base) Housing Costs - Rentals

Type Deposit 1-BR 2-BR 3-BR 4-BR 5-BR Utilities
Apartment 450-600 450 600 N/A N/A N/A 125
Condominium N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Townhouse 800-900 N/A 900 1000 N/A N/A 175
House 1 Month 600 700 900 1100 N/A 200



Average Community (Off-Base) Housing Costs - Purchase

Type 2-BR 3-BR 4-BR 5-BR Utilities
Condominium 100,000 140,000 N/A N/A 200
Townhouse 160,000 180,000 N/A N/A 250
House 150,000 190,000 225,000 N/A 350


UH Overview

The HSC staff is ready to aid unaccompanied personnel reporting to Surface Combat Systems Center (SCSC) Wallops Island and will assist in determining eligibility, options and locating acceptable housing.  The HSC has a number of excellent housing choices and services.


UH are government-owned and managed housing.  Eligibility is based on your pay grade and basic allowance for housing (BAH) entitlement.

UH unit qualities:


  • Depending on your assignment status (shore duty, sea duty, student, etc.) and pay grade, your options may include Navy UH or housing in the local community.
  • Sea and shore duty personnel within pay grades E1-E3 and E4 (with less than 4 years’ service) can expect to reside in permanent party UH if stationed at NAS Oceana or if orders are to Dam Neck Annex, personnel will reside in student quarters at Dam Neck.
  • Based on local conditions, 50 to 75 percent of E4s with more than 4 years of service may be housed in UH.
  • Students will reside in one of our student housing facilities.
  • More senior personnel are expected to reside in the local community.
  • Comfortable, fully-furnished.
  • Clean, safe, and secure housing.
  • Location, location, location:
    • Close to work (no traffic).
    • Base recreation.
    • Shopping.
    • Additional Installation support services.
  • No - Rent fees.
  • Fees - Utilities, cable, internet and land-line (if needed).  Note:  BAH (or overseas housing allowance (OHA)) will stop.


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