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I am a Contracting Company looking to get badges for our workers. How do I find out which Command sponsors us?

You need to locate the military command that has given you the contract. One of their Military personnel or Civil Service personnel must have been designated by their Commanding Officer as a Trusted Agent or Authorizing Official. In other cases, your company may be subcontracted through a Prime Contractor. You will still need to locate the command that awarded the contract to the Prime and work with them to get your employees vetted.

How long of a time period can I get a badge for either Regional, Base, or CAC?

The time period for badges is as follows:

  • CAC can be issued up to 3 years.
  • Base and Regional badge can be issued up to a year.
  • Base Access Pass will be given for jobs less than 30 days,

Why can’t I send the names of employees who need badges directly to Regional Security or the Pass Office instead of sending their information to the Trusted Agent or Authorizing Official?

There are two reasons that the company cannot forward information directly to the Regional Security or Pass & ID Offices for processing. First, the Trusted Agent or Authorizing Official is responsible to validate the contract and declare (by forwarding the info) that they want your employees to be granted access to the base(s). Second, they are required to digitally encrypt the information prior to sending it to Regional Security (if you haven’t already done it).

Files sent directly from the Contracting Company to Regional Security will be deleted without reading them.

If I get a Base Badge and need a Regional Badge, what do I need to do to change the type of badge?

The Trusted Agent and or the Authorized Official that handles your contract should be contacted so he or she can send in an email to request a change in badge status.

Why are I-9 forms required when they go to Pass & ID?

The requirement to show a DHS form I-9 (Employment Eligibility Verification) came from our next higher Operational Commander. We recognize that it’s not required by the other services, but all Navy Installation are required to sight the form and the supporting documentation (valid ID documents from List A, or List B and List C).

How can I find out if someone is cleared for his or her badges?

There is a web file that is updated daily and posted on the following web address: Once the web page is loaded, click the link to “Contractor Verification System” on the left hand side of the page. A new window opens up and there is a link to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet named “Contractor Verification Listing”. The records are sorted by Company Name alphabetically. In order to protect Personally Identifiable Information, only the employee’s date of birth is listed.

If one of our employee’s background checks comes back denied, what can the company do to inquire why? What can the contractor do to inquire why he or she was denied?

Because of the rules that are involved with some of the systems that Regional Security uses when conducting the checks, often we cannot share “why” the employee is denied with anybody but the employee. To ensure that we are talking to the correct person, Regional Security conducts that conversation in person.

What criteria is used to deny access for Mid-Atlantic Regional Contractor Badges?

The following criteria is used in denying access for contractor badges:

  • Felony conviction of any type within 10 years, or felony arrest that has not been adjudicated yet (includes "deferred findings").
  • Misdemeanor conviction or on-base arrest within 5 years, for any of the following types of crimes (includes "deferred findings"):  Crimes of violence, sexual assault, larceny, drugs, or a habitual offender.
  • Sex Offender Registry is permanent denial per OPNAVINST.
  • Barement from one Navy installation includes reciprocal barment from all Navy installations.

What do I do if I was denied but think I don't meet the criteria listed above?

  Contractors who are denied due to their criminal history get an immediate review to verify that the denial is proper.  Denials are not posted until they have been reviewed.  If your access was denied and you believe that you don't meet the criteria, follow attached instructions.  Since the criminal history was determined by name and date of birth check on NCIC, and cross verified with SSN, it is possible that a denial based on these factors could be mistaken.   

What are the responsibilities of the contracting company when a contractor is terminated from a job? What do I do with the badge?

The contracting company is responsible to turn-in the badge to the local Pass & ID Office. A responsible company will have procedures in place to safeguard the possession of the badge during non-working hours.

I am a contractor who does not have US citizen status. What does my company need to do to get me a badge to work at a stateside Navy Base?

You must follow the guideline from the Department of Homeland Security for employment eligibility. This still may not make you eligible for ALL bases in the Mid Atlantic Region.

I only have a visiting visa and I do not have a working visa. What do I need to in advance so I can qualify for a badge before our company starts their contract stateside?

More than likely, there isn’t anything you can do. An individual with a Visit Visa is usually not eligible to work in the United States. Visit the DHS Web site for further information.

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