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Notice of Ammunition Reclassification

The NAR program provides a standardized method to inform all Department of Navy (DON) and Coast Guard activities of condition code changes and disposition of unsafe or unreliable ordnance items through rapid, worldwide dissemination of NAR messages. NARs may also be used as an inventory management tool to place usage restrictions or priorities on certain items.

NAVSUP Global Logistics Support (NAVSUP GLS), Mechanicsburg, PA, is responsible for management and maintenance of the NAR program and is the originator for all NAR messages. It is the responsibility of all DON and Coast Guard activities holding assets affected by a NAR to implement the specified NAR action in accordance with NAVSUP P-724, Conventional Ordnance Stockpile Management

Individual NARs are numbered consecutively in each fiscal year. A message may contain more than one NAR. Once NAR messages are incorporated into the NAVSUP P801, NAR Manual, and you have a copy of the updated NAR Manual with the most current NAR messages in them, you are not required to keep an electronic or hard copy of individual NARs. The NAR Manual is updated nightly. Missing NARs are available on the OIS website.

For a description of activity responsibilities relative to maintaining NAR records and disposition of unsafe or unreliable ordnance, see NAVSUP P-724.

Instructions for Obtaining NAVSUP P-801 (NARs) and other publications (P-802,..., P-724, etc.)

You can get updated NAR information at the Naval Logistics Library (no account or SAAR form is required). 

Use the following instructions for accessing the site:

1. Open hyperlink
2. Click on restricted access
3. Pick your email cert and PIN
4. Click accept
5. Click instructions and publications
6. Enter keyword, e.g.,  P801

The following publications are available: 

P801- NAVSUP P-801 NAR Manual (updated daily)
P802- Navy Ammunition Logistics Codes (updated weekly)
P803- Navy Stock List of Conventional Ammunition (updated weekly)
P804- Navy Stock List of Conventional Ammunition Supplements (updated weekly)
P805- NAVSUP Ammunition Sentencing Publication (updated as changes are approved)
P724- Conventional Ordnance Stock Pile Management (updated as changes are approved

For Help:

    a. Email- email the NAR Desk at
    b. Phone- (717) 605-2107

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