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Accident Report - GMV

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Chapter 10 of OPNAVINST 112408.8H, Management of Civil Engineering Support Equipment (CESE) is the Navy's guiding instruction for reporting accidents involving a DoD motor vehicle.

For all accidents involving a DoD motor vehicle, the following forms must be completed:

- at the scene of the accident, complete Accident Information Exchange Sheet, and exchange copies with all involved in the accident (police officer will give out copies).

- expeditiously complete Standard Form 91, Motor Vehicle Accident Report (fillable form). Following completion of the SF 91 and within 5 workdays of the accident, forward to your Regional Engineer/Public Works Storefront, Transportation Division. Click here for instructions for filling out the SF-91.

Copy of blank SF 91 must be kept in each Navy motor vehicle at all times.

PENALTIES- COMNAVREG MIDLANTINST 5560.10, Policy for Disposition of Traffic Accidents, Change 1 (PKI Certificate required), prescribes procedures and penalties for traffic violations committed within the geographic limits of regional Navy installations in the Hampton Roads area and assigned housing areas.

LOST WORKDAYS- For any government or privately owned vehicle accident resulting in lost time for military (on/off duty) or civilian (on-duty), Supervisor’s must submit a Mishap Report ESAMS to your local base Navy Region Mid-Atlantic Safety Office.






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