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OSH Training

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Training is an integral part of an effective safety program. OPNAVINST 5100.23 (series) Chapter 6, Appendix 6-A provides a listing of required safety and occupational health training. In addition to job/duty/task specific training, there are wide varieties of topics that can and should be addressed on a monthly basis. Supervisors are required to provide monthly safety training to their employees. This training should include topics relative to the employees and their work place and can be provided in "stand-up’ safety meetings, safety "stand downs" or by routing handouts/publications (manually and/or electronically).

Employees are assigned duties/tasks in the Enterprise Safety Applications Management System (ESAMS) program, which determines job specific training they are required to successfully complete. There are different means to obtain training. ESAMS has a "Web Training" module that provides safety topics and an "OJT" module that has training presentations that supervisors can use to provide required monthly safety training. A reminder, monthly safety topics identified in ESAMS are "recommended", not required. Any applicable topic may be addressed.

Other on-line sources for training include Navy Knowledge On-Line (NKO) and the Naval Safety Center and NAVOSHENVRNHLTH School. Also, don’t forget the local Safety Office. The Safety Office can provide training outlines and presentations, as well as other training media. The Safety Office can also provide classroom instruction on various safety and occupational health topics.

Regardless of where training is received or how it is provided – ALL training shall be documented in ESAMS. Contact your local Safety Office for assistance in using ESAMS to document training.

** If any training is received or provided that does not have a course identifier in ESAMS, notify your local Safety Office **

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