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Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles

MISSION - Create a safe and secure environment for the fleet to train, repair and replenish.  Enable the fleet to project power from the shore.  Support service members and their families. 

VISION - We deliver superior, customer-oriented, responsive, and secure shore services and infrastructure to enable the Fleet to accomplish its mission. 


Ensure Security.  Provide security to personnel, equipment, and systems, enabling reliable service delivery to our customers. 

Operate Cohesively. Be professionals. Operate as a unified team. Leverage our diversity, collective talents, and dedication to work together seamlessly. 

Work Safely.  Integrate safety and risk management into all we do. 

Lead Decisively. Be decisive. Communicate with transparency. Provide clear and timely guidance and policy. 

Think Resourcefully. Find innovative win-win solutions to improve efficiency. Keep the Fleet, Fighter and Family at the forefront of all our decisions. 

Spend Wisely. Be fiscally responsible and act as trusted stewards of our nation's resources. 

Ready our People. Provide our people relevant training, development, and resources needed for outstanding customer support.


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