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Sponsoring guests onboard NBK

Persons can be authorized either escorted or unescorted access.

Escorted Individuals - Personnel who require access, without determination of fitness, must be accompanied by a sponsor with authorization to escort the individual. The sponsor accepts responsibility for the fitness and conduct of the escorted individual and the escort requirement is mandated for the duration of the individual's visit. NOTE: The U.S. Military or U.S. Civil Service (Government Common Access Card) member will be present with their visitors/guests at all times until they leave the installation. Sponsorship is limited to six personnel and two vehicles, including the sponsor’s.

Unescorted Individuals - Personnel who have been identity proofed and favorably vetted at the NBK Visitor Control Center (VCC) through use of the SECNAV 5512/1. However, they are still subject to any controlled or restricted area limitations, as appropriate.

Letters of Authorized Agent, Assist, and Exception to Policy

Letters of Assist/Authorized Agent are issued by authority of the NBK commanding officer (CO) via the Installation Security Officer (ISO). Sponsors are required to be present during the initial process. Access is limited to the common areas after submission of appropriate documentation, and expires 12 months from the date of the letter.

All requests are vetted using SECNAV 5512/l form, and forwarded to the ISO/NBK CO by the VCC.

Renewal letters should be submitted to the VCC no less than 15 days prior to the expiration of the current letter to prevent a lapse in coverage. Appropriate documentation must be provided with each new request to allow time for vetting.

  • Letter of Assist – Letters of Assist are issued to nonaffiliated family members of dependent children, ex-spouses, or other such individuals acting in the capacity as parents to dependent children. They must provide documentation showing they are responsible for and-or have primary custody of the children. This letter is only issued when the sponsor is out of the local area, not including deployments, incapacitated or deceased. The custodial parent must have the letter along with a photo ID and the original DD Form 1173, Dependent ID Card, and must be accompanied by the child. A request for Letter of Assist will require the following:
      1. Completed SECNAV 5512/l form
      2. A completed Letter of Assist
      3. Proof of U.S. citizenship and government issued photo ID

Once all documents are complete, the requestor and the benefactor will report to the NBK - Bangor VCC. The VCC Supervisor will review and submit all paperwork to NBK ISO. 
NOTE: If the dependent child is 18 years of age or older, normal escort privileges apply.

  • Authorized Agent Letter – Authorized Agent Letters are issued to individuals who act on behalf of the authorized sponsor (or dependent) due to medical, mobility or other issues as authorized by the NBK CO. Individuals requesting an Authorized Agent letter must provide documentation indicating they are responsible for the sponsor in the form of a power of attorney or medical documentation. The authorized agent must have the letter along with photo ID and the original DD Form 2/1173, Sponsor/Dependent ID Card, to access the base. A request for Authorized Agent Letter will require the following:
      1. Completed SECNAV 5512/1 form
      2. A completed Authorized Agent letter
      3. Proof of U.S. Citizenship and government issued photo ID

Once all documents are complete, the Requestor and the benefactor will report to the NBK - Bangor VCC. The VCC Supervisor will review and submit all paperwork to NBK ISO.

  • Letter of Exception to Policy – are issued by authority of the NBK CO via the ISO only for those issues not covered under the Letter of Assistance/Authorized Agent program. Letters of exception to Policy are issued for no longer than six months, and are only for the purposes stated in the request.  A request for exceptions to the current Access Control policy will require the following:
      1. Completed SECNAV 5512/1 form
      2. A completed Exception to Policy Letter
      3. Proof of U.S. citizenship and a government issued photo ID

Once all documents are complete, the requestor and the benefactor will report to the NBK - Bangor VCC. The VCC Supervisor will review and submit all paperwork to NBK ISO. Exceptions will not be made for unescorted Morale Welfare & Readiness (MWR) facility usage or for other purposes of convenience.


  • Visitors over the age of 18 must be in possession of a valid form of government-issued photo identification.
  • Visitors must comply with all federal, state and local laws and NBK Instructions while onboard NBK installations.
  • NBK Badge holders are required to have in their possession a valid and authorized form of government issued photo identification in conjunction with their NBK credential for installation access. 
  • NBK Badge holders will return the badge to their Sponsor or Visitor Control Center for destruction upon termination or withdrawal of access privileges.
  • The privilege to access installations by NBK Badge holders may be revoked by the Commanding Officer at any time. Increases in the Force Protection Condition may result in the temporary suspension of installation access for some individuals. Sponsors will be notified of such suspensions at the time of the increase.
  • If visitor is a non-U.S. citizen and possesses a Permanent Resident Card, Form 151, they must bring it with them in order to pick up their badge. Visitor must also carry their Permanent Resident Card at all times while aboard the Installation.
  • All non-U.S. citizens who do not possess a Permanent Resident Card must be escorted at all times while onboard the installation.

Contractors/Vendors/Service Providers:

  • If you were issued an NCACS credential PRIOR to April 17, 2017, your NCACS credential will remain in effect for base access through 14 August 2017, when NCACS credentials will no longer be valid.
  • If you are issued an NCACS credential between April 17 and June 30, 2017 you will also be required to obtain a DBIDS credential in order to obtain base access.
  • Any new contractor, vendor or supplier requesting base access AFTER June 30 will be required to obtain a DBIDS credential. NCACS credentials will no longer be issued.
  • Only DBIDS credentials will be issued to ALL contractors, vendors and suppliers seeking base access AFTER June 30, 2017.

    Click here for information about DBIDS.

Visitor Control Center (VCC) Locations

• Bremerton - Bldg. 981 (off WA-304, adjacent to Missouri Gate)
• Bangor - Bldg. 1035 (off Trident Blvd., adjacent to Trident Main Gate)
• Keyport - Bldg. 916 (off State Rd. 308, adjacent to NBK-Keyport Main Gate)
• Jackson Park-Naval Hospital Bremerton (NHB) - Bldg. 16 (off Austin Dr., adjacent to NHB Main Gate)


Personal firearms are not authorized on any Naval Base Kitsap installation at any time, unless they are registered with the installation Security Department, and the individual is a resident of PPV, accompanied or Unaccompanied Housing.

Personnel residing in the barracks are not authorized to possess firearms in their quarters.

Guests, contractors, and visitors are not authorized to have firearms in their possession at any time while on base. This provision does not apply to civil law enforcement in an on-duty status.

Conceal Carry permits are not recognized by NBK ISO, therefore are not valid for on-base carry.

The following procedures must be followed to register and transport personal firearms on base:

  • All personal firearms are to be registered on Bangor only, with advance notice to the Watch Commander prior to arriving at the gate by calling (360) 340-2693. The individual(s) must state to which gate they will arrive, and they have personal firearms that need to be registered. Firearms must be unloaded and ammunition must be stored separately.
  • Mon. – Fri., 7:30 a.m. – 3 p.m., the individual(s) will be escorted to the Small Arms Training Center (SATC) to complete the registration documentation. Individuals will be escorted to Bangor Police Headquarters outside of normal operating hours and weekends.
  • Individuals registering firearms must present identification to the registering official, and complete a DD Form 2760, and may be subject to a background check. All household residents over the age of 18 must also complete the DD-2760. Additionally, the registrant must present a course certificate showing completion of Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) E-Learning course CSF-PFS-010 prior to registration. If unable to complete this course on NKO, the registering official will provide alternate means for completion.
  • At the time of registration, a briefing on installation policy regarding personal firearms will be provided. A copy of the registration documentation will also be provided, and must be kept with the firearms at all times.
  • Anytime a registered firearm is removed from the household, the individual must exit the base through the nearest gate directly with no stops.  When returning on base, declare to the gate sentry that there is a registered firearm in the vehicle, condition 4, clear and safe, and present the registration documents. When directed to do so, return directly to place of residence to stow the firearms.

SATC has limited capacity to stow personal firearms in the armory on a case-by-case basis for residents of the barracks.

Questions regarding the NBK personal firearms policy, contact the SATC front office at (360) 396-5458, SATC Range Officer at (360) 340-4899 or, if no answer, Security at (360) 340-2693.

Installation Gates and Hours

 • Bangor –
          Trident (off of WA-304): 24 hours
          Trigger (off of WA-304): Mon. – Fri., 5 a.m. – 7:30 p.m., weekends and holidays, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.

 • Bremerton –
          Charleston (Farragut Ave. and Callow Ave.): 24 hours
          Naval (Naval Ave. and 1st. St.): Mon. – Fri., 5 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
          Missouri (off of WA-304):
               Inbound: Mon. – Fri., 5 a.m. – 7:30 a.m.
               Outbound: Mon. – Fri., 3 p.m. – 5 p.m.
          Montgomery (Montgomery Ave. and 1st St.):
             *only operational when carriers are in port and appropriate staffing is provided.*
               Inbound: 5 a.m. – 7:30 a.m.
              Outbound: 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

 • Keyport –
          Main Gate (off WA-308 at McKittrick): 24 hours

 • Jackson Park-Naval Hospital Bremerton –
          Main Gate (off Austin Drive at Higbee Rd.): 24 hours

 • Manchester Fuel Depot –
         Main Gate (off Beach Rd.):  24 hours 

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