Training and Testing Activities in the Northwest


The Navy’s mission in the Northwest directly supports the national security mission.

In addition to keeping the sea lanes open to travel and trade, the Navy needs to be ready to respond to a wide range of situations such as large-scale conflict, homeland defense, anti-piracy operations, and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. This level of readiness and capability is achieved through comprehensive, realistic training and testing. Proper training and testing enables Sailors to successfully accomplish the national defense mission, save lives, and preserve our way of life. 

Training and testing ranges in the Northwest are vital to preparing Navy personnel for deployment and homeland defense by providing these realistic training and testing environments.


"Sustaining our mission, including executing today's operations and developing the capabilities and capacity for tomorrow's force depends on our responsible stewardship of the land, waterways and resources with which we are entrusted."



US Navy Environmental Stewardship - (Video)

Defending America's freedoms while simultaneously protecting the environment.

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Balancing Training & Testing Needs

with Environmental Stewardship


Environmental Impact Statement

Evaluating the potential environmental effects from military readiness training and testing activities conducted primarily within existing range complexes and testing ranges in the NWTT Study Area, the U.S. Navy completed the Northwest Training and Testing (NWTT) Final Environmental Impact Statement/Overseas Environmental Impact Statement (EIS/OEIS). The report was completed and released in the fall of 2016.


Navy Sonar and Mitigating Potential Effects to the Sea - (Video)

Marine mammals rely on underwater sound to survive. Similarly, the U.S. Navy depends on sonar for defending our ships at sea. To continue its mission and protect marine mammals, the Navy has studied the potential effects of its sonar activities and developed protective measures to minimize potential impacts to marine mammals.


Navy Sonar and Marine Mammal Protection Measures - (Video)

The protection of environmental resources is an integral part of today’s Navy mission. Partnering with researchers to develop and implement measure that reduce ocean environment impact is part your Navy today.

Information about EA-18G Growler Operations and Electronic Warfare Training

For information related to EA-18G Growler Operations and Electronic Warfare Training, please visit Naval Air Station Whidbey Island's website.



The Importance of Vital Training and Testing & Environmental Permits - (Video)

When conducting environmental impact statements the U.S Navy stresses the value of at-sea training and testing as well as our track record of responsible environmental stewardship.

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