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Who We Are

Navy Region Southeast serves as the Navy Community Service Program (NCSP) Regional Coordinator for Navy commands located in Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The program encourages the expansion of Navy volunteer’s participation in communities in which they live and work. Its goal is to promote volunteer service by Navy officers, enlisted personnel, civilians, and military families within the five NCSP Flagship programs and independently.

The NCSP "Five Flagships" serve to strengthen youth and communities. Individual commands are encouraged to develop "Flagship Partnerships" with other military services, businesses, labor, foundations, colleges and universities, religious organizations, media groups, community organizations, health care centers, and government agencies to promote flagship program areas. NCSP Flagship projects are:

  • Personal Excellence Partnerships- A school/youth group tutoring and mentoring program.
  • Youth Health & Fitness- A healthy lifestyle program that encourages fitness, good nutrition, and health education.
  • Campaign Drug Free- A drug education program for youth.
  • Environmental Conservation- an environmental education and natural resources stewardship program.
  • Project Good Neighbor- A year-round, humanitarian outreach program to provide aid and restore hope for homeless, hungry, homebound, ailing, and elderly community members.

Navy Region Southeast NCSP provides technical support and assistance for commands to help them establish community service programs. The region provides information and instructions on special volunteer events such as Red Ribbon Week, Job Shadow Day, and Make A Difference Day. CNRSE also coordinates the NCSP Annual Award Program in the Southeast region.

Contact the CNRSE NCSP Manager at (904) 542-1663 or DSN 942-1663 for additional information.  


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