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Uniform Shift Guidance

Zone 1 -
Entire states of Kansas and Missouri
Shift at 0001 0n 1 May 2020 

Zone 2 -
Entire states of Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Tennessee
Shift at 0001 on 1 May 2020

Upper state portion of Texas - above and including Plainview, Texas
Upper state portion of South Carolina - above and including Florence, South Carolina
Dissection lines extend horizontally across both states
Shift at 0001 on 1 May 2020 

Zone 3 -
States of Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia are dissected with a line from Midland, Texas to Savannah, Georgia
Portions north of that line 
Lower portion of South Carolina
Shift at 0001 on 1 Apr 2020 

Zone 4 -
Entire state of Louisiana, lower portions of Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia south of dissection line in
Zone 3
Upper portion of Florida
Shift at 0001 on 1 Apr 2020 

Zone 5 -
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Southern portion of Florida
Dissected with a line extending from Cedar Key, Florida on the western side to Ormond Beach, Florida on the eastern side
No change-Uniform of the day is service dress white (prescribed) and summer white (alternate) year round. 



CNRSE Zone Map-Uniform Shift 2020 

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