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Military Support

Deployment Support Programs

The Deployment Support program is designed to help service members and their families sucessfully manage the challenges of deployment by assisting them to better anticipate and understand the physical and emotional demands associated with deployment. Prior to deployment, the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) provides Sailors and their families information and education to help them anticipate and deal with the physical and emotional needs of the family during the weeks before the impending deployment. During deployment FFSC offers services to support family needs. FFSC also supports the Ombudsman program which provides a communication link between the families and the Command. FFSC stands ready to help family members resolve problems when emergencies occur during the service member's absence. FFSC programs also help families prepare for reunion toward the end of deployment, as well as supporting service members immediately before and after they return. Individual Augmentees (IAs) and their families can access a wide range of support for every stage of their deployment cycle as well.

Deployed Forces Support (Fleet Recreation)

MWR's Deployed Forces Support program enhances the quality of life of Sailors and Marines at sea and forward deployed Navy ground forces. Sports, recreational programs, physical fitness equipment, social activities (parties/picnics), tours, subsidies/rebates, and gear locker checkout are just a few of the morale enhancing opportunities that are offered.

Career Options and Navy Skills Evaluation Program (CONSEP)

The Career Options and Navy Skills Evaluation Program (CONSEP) is a military life-cycle education and training initiative. CONSEP has been designed to help Sailors identify their individual skills and talents, develop long-term career, professional and personal goals, plan for personal financial stability, research related civilian skills or qualifications, establish effective long-term career planning objectives, and emphasizes the value of continuing a Navy career.

Relocation Assistance

The constant in the life of the military member and their family is change. FFSC offers information on the moving process, entitlements, new duty stations, and tips for success. Additionally, welcome aboard packages and other information are available to military members and their families who are new to the area. From access to basic household items to individual support and workshops, the FFSC supports every aspect of the relocation process.

Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

Changing careers is a stressful undertaking, perhaps even more so for those leaving military service after many years. The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) offers a "full service" approach to effectively manage career change and discover all employment opportunities.

Storage - Personal and Vehicles

Personal property and vehicle storage is provided at minimal cost.






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