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Rental Partnership Program

The Rental Partnership Program (RPP) is designed to provide active duty military personnel, enlisted and officer, single or married, with affordable off-base housing.  This program is governed by a memorandum of understanding between the landlord and Commander, Naval Region Southeast, enabling military personnel to rent off-base housing at a reduced rate.

Application fees and credit check fees are waived under this program.  The Service Member may be charged a security deposit, equal to 1 month’s rent, contingent upon the outcome of the resident’s selection criteria review. The landlord may deny renting to an RPP applicant based on prior negative rental references, when unrelated to financial issues.  Housing Service Center (HSC) RPP properties will require applicants to meet income requirements.  The military tenant must agree to participate in the allotment payment system for payment of rental cost.  The landlord may make renter’s insurance and liability insurance mandatory for the military RPP applicant.

This program permits communities to voluntarily obligate one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom units for rent by military personnel.  Units that are offered for the RPP are evaluated and qualified to meet the highest standards.

For additional information on this program please contact the HSC and ask for the RPP counselor.

RPP Applicant Overview

Some single E-5 and below Service Members are required to have an approved chit signed by their commanding officer to live off-base and draw basic allowance for housing (BAH). Please speak to the RPP counselor for full details.

  • The following documents need to be provided to the HSC to begin the RPP application process:
    • Copy of orders or a tenant command showing a projected rotation date of at least 6 months.
    • Current leave and earnings statement (LES).
    • Approved BAH chit for required personnel
  • The Service Member is counseled on RPP.  The RPP application is processed, Statement of Understanding signed and Verification of Eligibility (VOE) letter issued to the Service Member.  The Service Members’ eligibility amount is determined by the authorized BAH rate for their pay grade.  BAH is to cover rent, utilities and renter’s insurance.
  • Listing of available RPP rental properties will be printed for the Service Member.
  • The Service Member finds a rental and the original VOE letter is submitted to the Landlord.  The Service Member then reviews and signs the lease.  The landlord fills out a Letter of Intent, which the Service Member must return to the HSC with a copy of the signed lease.
  • The RPP counselor will assist the Service Member in processing the Military Assistance Company (MAC) document to authorize and initiate the allotment (the Service Member will need their pin number for the “My Pay” website).  The allotment total will include rent amount plus a $3.00 monthly fee to cover MAC administrative costs.  Until the allotment starts, the Service Member is responsible for making payment to the landlord by certified funds.


For additional information on this program please contact the HSC and ask to speak to one of the RPP counselors.

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