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Building Dedications

Below is a history of buildings on board Naval Air Station Jacksonville that have been dedicated in honor of military personnel or civilian employees. The dedication of these buildings reflect the proud traditions and rich heritage of the air station.



 Building #

 Date Dedicated

 Ensign William Tepuni




Named after Ensign William Tepuni, U.S.Naval Reserve, who made the first U-boat kill by American Forces in WWII on March 1, 1942. While off the coast of Newfoundland in a snow and ice storm, Tepuni sank U-656 while flying a Lockheed-Husdon PBO. He later received the Distinguished Flying Cross for his actions. Tepuni was based at NAS Jacksonville for a short time in 1942. The building was named Tepuni Hall by Patrol Squadron 30, who initially owned the facility when built.

 Admiral Earnest J. King

 Naval Air Technical
Training Center Auditorium


 January 29, 1954

 Named after WWII Fleet Admiral Earnest J. King. King Hall was demolished 27 Mar 1992.

 ADM John Towers 

 Air Field


 October 14, 1960

Named after Admiral John Towers, Naval Aviator number 3. Admiral Towers was an early supporter for establishment of NAS Jacksonville.

 Frank McCaffrey 

 Softball Complex



Named after Frank McCaffrey who was a recreational director at the base for many years during the 1960s. He was also stationed at the base when in the military and acted as the military recreation officer.

 Hospital Corpsman E. 
 Scott Hancock 

 Hospital BEQ/BOQ


 October 1, 1971

The galley was originally named Hancock Hall. It was changed to building H-2034 which was built as a hospital barracks and then dedicated as Hancock Hall. The building today houses the Addictions Rehabilitation Clinic.

 Richard J. Kemen  

 Standard Navy Test Cell


 October 19, 1978

Richard Kemen was a University of Florida Mechanical Engineering graduate who worked at the NADEP from 1962 -1970s. His interest in jet engine testing led to the development of the first cell that bears his name.

 CDR Paul L. Nelson  

 Helicopter Training Facility


 October 15, 1982

Named after Commander Paul Nelson, who was the commanding officer of Helicopter Squadron 3. His helicopter went down in the Atlantic Sept 13, 1981. The helicopter training facility was named in his memory. It was rededicated on July 6, 1990 when a new facility addition was completed.

 CDR Andrew Crinkley 

 NADEP Engine Facility


 November 15, 1990

Named after the first Commanding Officer of the Naval Aviation Depot when it was originally called the Assembly and Repair Department.

 Jay Beasley 

 VP/VS Hangar


 March 1, 1991

Named after Jay Beasley, "Mr. P-3," who was a civilian pilot with Lockheed. He was involved for many years with the P-3 community and visited NAS Jacksonville often.

 Winton "Buddy" Ellis 

 Air Ops Lobby


 November 15, 1991

Dedicated to the memory of Buddy Ellis who worked at Air Operations for many years.

 CDR Michael G. Hoff



 September 17, 1993

Named after Commander Michael G. Hoff, a pilot assigned to VA-86 at NAS Cecil Field who was shot down over Vietnam. His son was employed in Building 4 and suggested naming the building for his father, which was then dedicated as part of the POW/MIA ceremonies in 1993 by Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney, Commander, Naval Base Jacksonville.

 Captain Roy M. "Butch"

 Air Terminal


 November 2, 2000

Named in honor of Captain Roy M. "Butch" Voris, U.S. Navy, retired; a WWII fighter ace. Butch formed the Blue Angels with other WWII fighter pilots in April 1946.


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