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Challenge Coins


What are Challenge Coins?

They are coins specially minted by a unit, squadron or other activity. Challenge coins are presented to individuals for significant actions by the Commanding Officer; for example, to congratulate on a job well done or to honor a commemoration.

Challenge coins started appearing at NAS Jacksonville in 1998. One of the first coins was minted for Commanding Officer, NAS Jacksonville.

During the 60th Anniversary, the first station color coin was introduced showing the logo used during early WWII. This coin was given to the employees of the station at that time.

The use of these coins continues to expand at the station, and new ones will be added to this site as we obtain them.

Challenge coins are becoming quite a collectable item with some of the station personnel, as well as outside coin/military collectors.

Unfortunately, these coins are usually NOT for sale at the Navy Exchange or by the issuing activity. They may sometimes be found on station for sale during air shows. Web sites selling challenge coins also exist. The following shown coins are NOT available for sale as we normally only have one copy for the station historical files.

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