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The Navy insignia patch has had a long history at NAS Jacksonville. The station's first insignia, showing a flying squirrel, never caught on and was replaced by patches that are quite rare and valuable today; they were designed by Walt Disney!

One of Walt Disney's designs, depicting a baby duck (one of Donald Duck's nephews) coming out of a broken egg, was the station's second and most popular official insignia. It was used from 1940-1942. Another Walt Disney patch shows a worried Donald Duck on a target receiving fire; it was used by the Gunnery School during WWII.

Patches used throughout the 1940s would not allow for a squadron name to be on the patch. During the 1950s, this changed, and today every squadron and most large tenant commands at NAS Jacksonville all have their own insignias on patches.

There are two types of patches. Official patches are submitted to the Chief of Naval Operations for approval under existing guidelines for Navy patches. Unofficial patches may commemorate special events (like a squadron's 40th anniversary or 25 years of mishap-free flying) or may be made by an aircrew just for those members. These patches are usually at the discretion of the squadron Commanding Officer.

Patches are becoming very popular and are avidly collected! Early rare squadron patches may be worth several hundred dollars, but most command patches can be obtained from a variety of Internet sources for under $10.00.

The following pages show patches of squadrons that have been or are currently stationed at NAS Jacksonville. We tried to show both official and unofficial patches as available in the archives. The date under the patch only shows when the patch was used at NAS Jacksonville, not the entire time the patch may have been in use. This list is not all-inclusive, but we update this Web site as we are able to obtain additional patches.

Unfortunately, in most cases we only have one patch for our historical files, and therefore none of the patches shown are for sale or are available from NAS Jacksonville. It's recommended that you conduct an Internet search for a commercial vendor, or print the patch on your color printer and provide it to a patchmaker to have your own made.

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