Community Housing

All unaccompanied personnel contemplating living off-base should make the Housing Service Center (HSC) their first stop.  The HSC is ready to help all unaccompanied personnel that are authorized to receive basic allowance for housing (BAH) to find a home out in town.  We maintain listings affordable for single personnel and also offer help with finding a roommate.  We will also help you review a lease.  In some cases, we can offer favorable rents and security deposit agreements.  We can also provide support to mediate disputes with landlords or roommates if needed.

Local apartments in the area are generally available, affordable and convenient to the installation.  One of the best ways to increase affordability is to share an apartment or house.  Our HSC staff can help with tips on how to make your house sharing experience a pleasant one.

Other important information:

  • When living in the community, you will be able to draw BAH.


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