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Base Entry Requirements

All physical security and law enforcement procedures are strictly observed.

WEAPONS AND AMMUNITION – All personal or non-government owned weapons are strictly prohibited to be carried into or be possessed inside NAS Jacksonville. These will be confiscated and the proper charges filed. Weapons include firearms, knives longer than 3-1/2 inches, bows and arrows; and any other object that when used, displayed, offered or brandished in any manner can inflict bodily harm or death, or instill fear in the person(s) being attacked.

DECALS/TEMPORARY PASSES - A vehicle must have either a valid Department of Defense (DoD) base decal sticker affixed to their vehicle or a temporary pass before they are allowed to drive onto the base. The commanding officer has the final authority to approve a vehicle to drive onto the base. He designated the director of security to issue DoD base decals and temporary passes on his behalf following guidelines issued by DoD or himself.
To obtain a base decal for a vehicle, the individual must be entered into the MACS by their respective command, or provide a copy of their orders if not stationed aboard NAS Jacksonville. This includes dependents who reside in the area while their military spouse is stationed elsewhere. Vehicle owners must show a government ID (military or government civil service employee), valid driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance.
All motorcycle operators must successfully complete the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's (MSF) Basic Rider Course or Experienced Rider Suite Plus before a temporary pass or station decal is issued. To receive a pass or decal the operator must display a course completion card from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation or a copy of their page 13 showing they have completed one of the two courses. State sponsored motorcycle courses are acceptable if the state card shows their course complies with the one of the MSF courses listed above. Motorcycle operators are required to carry vehicle insurance on their motorcycle regardless of state statute.
Temporary passes require a valid driver’s license, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. Each person requesting a temporary pass must be sponsored by either a military member or a base civil service government employee prior to driving onto the base. Only persons who have been sponsored can be issued a temporary pass. Their names, vehicular and other personal information are recorded into the MACS.
Loaner vehicles – a loaner vehicle is an automobile that is being driven or operated by a person or persons other than the registered owner. Due to legal ramifications, all loaner vehicle operators must have a signed and notarized power of attorney issued by the owner authorizing the driver to operate the vehicle.If a customer has purchased a new car from another state and either the dealership is transferring tags or is taking care of the registration for that customer, the customer requesting the decals or pass needs to have a temporary registration form or a transfer of registration form from the dealer. Not all dealerships will give the customers this paperwork, so it's important to ask for it. This paperwork must be present to obtain decals or passes.

VEHICLE SEARCHES - All vehicles are subject to search when entering, while inside and when departing the base. The commanding officer has the authority to order a specific or random search of any or all vehicle(s) inside the base. He has designated to the base security department via the director of security to conduct vehicle searches as he directs.

MANDATORY IDs - All personnel working at any of the contract sites on base will carry a valid state ID or driver’s license and a NAS Jacksonville ID. These ID’s are issued at Building 9 and the office hours are 7:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
HEAD OF LINE PRIVILEGES - Military in uniform have "head of the line" privileges from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at a designated window. Handicapped customers have "head of the line" privileges at Window #1 at all times.

FLIGHT LINE BADGES - A flight line badge/sticker is required before access is granted to enter the flightline. To drive on the flightline, a vehicle must have a flightline sticker and the driver must possess a ramp stamp license authorizing them to drive into and through the hangars and the flightline.

COMMERCIAL GATE - All commercial vehicles will use the Commercial ‘North’ Gate and are subject to inspection for proper identification, contraband, and safety. They are required to display their company logo on their vehicles and request a temporary pass. If a company vehicle that does not have a company logo attached to their vehicle must use the main gate at Yorktown Avenue and request a temporary pass.

TRAFFIC PATTERNS - Morning timeframe. The Yorktown Avenue Main Gate has three lanes of inbound traffic from 4-8 a.m. This pattern continues eastbound down Yorktown Avenue all the way to Wasp Street. There is only one lane of outbound traffic along Yorktown Avenue until reaching the Main Gate. The Birmingham Avenue Gate has three lanes of inbound traffic from 5-8 a.m. The far right lane is a right turn only onto Allegheny Road, beyond Allegheny Road, the far right lane becomes a right turn only onto Child Street. From Child Street eastbound to Ranger Street, there are two lanes of inbound traffic. There is no outbound traffic lane between Ranger Street and Mustin Road. There is only one lane of outbound traffic along Birmingham Avenue between Mustin Road and the Birmingham Avenue Gate. Overhead directional lane lights indicate which lanes are open for travel along both roads.
Afternoon timeframe. Yorktown Avenue and the Main Gate have three lanes of outbound traffic from 2-5 p.m. There is only one lane of inbound traffic at the Main Gate and along Yorktown during this time. Between 2-5 p.m. Birmingham Avenue has two lanes of outbound traffic from Ranger Street to Child Street, at which point an additional lane of outbound traffic commences and continues to the Roosevelt Blvd. There is only one lane of inbound traffic at the Birmingham Gate and along Birmingham Avenue until reaching Mustin Road at which point a left or right turn is mandatory. Overhead directional lane lights indicate which lanes are open for travel along both roads.

Note: Watch the black directional / one-way signs posted at the intersections of Birmingham road and all intersecting roads. They will show the one-way direction of traffic flow. They will change from three lanes entering the base during the morning work rush hours to three lanes exiting in the afternoon during the rush hour.

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