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Normal working hours (Transient Office):
DSN:  942-4591/2239   COMM:  (904) 542-4591/2239

Transient Quarter Deck:
DSN:  942-2575   COMM:  (904) 542-2575

Normal working hours (CO’s Admin Office):
DSN:  942-1005   COMM:  (904) 542-1005  (Please contact the Transient Quarterdeck first)

TPU Command Career Counselor:
DSN:  942-8257   COM:  (904) 542-8257

Pre-Trial Confinement Facility Counselor:
DSN:  942-1363   COMM:  (904) 542-4519

Pre-Trial Confinement Control Center:
DSN:  942-3314   COMM:  (904) 542-3314

Pre-Trial Required Check-In Confinement Forms:
DD 2707
SF-600- Chronological Record of Medical Care

For Prisoner Uniform Health Comfort Requirements Please Contact:
DSN:  942-3314   COMM:  (904) 542-3314

Personnel en route to an underway or deployed command homeported at NS Mayport can check into the Transient Personnel Detachment at NS Mayport, Building 1587, Phone: (904) 270-7732 or NS Mayport Quarterdeck, Building 1, Phone: (904) 270-5401 after hours.  For room accommodation aboard NS Mayport, check in to Bachelor Enlisted Quarters MCPON Building 2105, Phone: (904) 270-7579 

Termination of Regional Restricted Barracks at TPU/PCF Jacksonville
Transient Personnel Unit/Pre-Trial Confinement Facility no longer accepts personnel placed into restriction by shore commands, training commands or commands with shore detachments on station.  This change permits TPU/PCF JAX to resourcefully operate within the mission, functions, and tasks established under BUPERSINST 1306.77C, manual for the administration of transient personnel units.  The mission of TPU/PCFs is to expeditiously and efficiently support deployed fleet units and overseas commands that are not otherwise capable. 
Shore and training commands should contact their local Navy Regional Legal Service Office, Command Services Division for legal assistance.  All NAS JAX shore and training commands may contact RLSO Command Services at (904) 542-2565.  All pierside deployable units or commands with permanent shore detachments on station, seek legal assistance from your ISIC JAG.

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