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Pretrial Confinement Facility

BRIGO: LT Daniel Gallagher

DSN: 942-4450/0058  COMM: (904) 542-4450/0058

Assistant BRIGO: MMCM Shannon Bloodworth

DSN: 942-1365  COMM: (904) 542-1365

Pre-Trial Confinement Control Center (24/7):
DSN:  942-3314   COMM:  (904) 542-3314

Pre-Trial Confinement Facility Counselor (Monday-Friday/0800-1500:
DSN:  942-1363   COMM:  (904) 542-4519

For Prisoner Uniform Health Comfort Requirements Please Contact:

DSN:  942-3314   COMM:  (904) 542-3314


Prisoner Requirements:

COVID Questionnaire


ORIGINAL Confinement Order (DD 2707)*See Note 1 x x All required documents as applicable to a pre-trial or post trial prisoner.
Confinement Physical (SF 600) *See Note 2 x x
Military ID Card, Unexpired *See Note 3 x x  
Service Record     (ESR)   x  
Medical Record x x Use DD 2708 to accept prisoner. Give escorts a copy.
Dental Record x x
Charge Sheet If available x
Results of Trial   x
Pre-trial Agreement (Parts 1 and 2)   If applicable  
Stipulation of Facts   (OPTIONAL/NOT REQ)    
Victim/Witness Certification and Election (DD 2704)*See Note 1   X  
Report and Disposition of Offense (NAVPERS 1626/7)      
1. Signed copy of DD 2707 or DD 2708, indicating date and time of prisoner acceptance.
2. CNRSE Pre-trial Confinement Notice and Sample Letter (pre-trial)
3. Command Visit Policy
4. Copy of Prisoner's Disposition of Personal Effects and all items to be returned.
5. Copy of personnel effects inventory showing shortages in uniform and health&comfort items.
* *Escort must be present for and sign as a witness to the strip search (scars&marks) prior to departing.
1. Signed ORIGINAL of DD 2707 or DD 2708, indicatin date and time of risoner acceptance.
2. SF 600 (copy), Privacy Act (DD 2709), Background Summary (DD 2710), Initial Classification (DD 2711), V/W Form (DD 2704)
3. Service Record, Charge Sheet, Results Of Trial, PTA,  NAVPERS 1626/7, PTC Advisement
4. Inventory of personal effects and valuables, disposition of personal effects, HIV/AIDS brief sheet, rules&regulations brief, correspondence election sheet, check-in Sheet
5. Copy of ID card (front and back), copy of prisoner badge, fingerprint card and information sheet, scars&marks sheet
1. Prisoner badge, R&R book, copy of lock combination, general orders card
2. PTC Advisement, inventory of personal effects, disposition of personal effects
Note:1 Please refer to SECNAV M-1640.1(Appendix A: Forms) for all updated versions of confindment forms. Use Link on SECNAV to access forms.
Note 2: Original SF 600 stays in the medical record; copy goes to package. 

Note 3: If military ID is not available, verify identity via other picture ID.



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